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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for  Fako UK/Fako News Centre

14th June 2010




Some 87 pupils of villages in the Wonjongo Court Area have ended the 2010 school year with beaming smiles after receiving scholarships from their elites in the United States of America. The scholarship scheme which is an initiative of the Bonjongo (Wonjongo) Area Association (BAA) based in USA, covered the 22 villages whose pupils  excelled in academics.


Representatives of BAA USA based in Cameroon handed out the scholarships on Monday 14th June, 2010, to the pupils in the presence of their parents, teachers and other elites at various locations in the Wonjongo Court Area. The delegation made their first stop at the Catholic Primary School (CS) Wotutu where other pupils from Government School Ewongo (pronounced Ewoh-ngoh) and Catholic School Wotutu had  gathered for the event.


After the event at CS Wotutu, the delegation moved to the campus of Catholic School Wonjongo where pupils from Government School Wonjongo and Government School Mafanja had gathered. Again, scholarships were given out.  


The delegation went further to brave the harsh weather conditions and bad roads on hired motor-bikes to reach pupils of Government School Mokunda mo Mbenge (not to be confused with Mokunda village in upper Buea). At every stop, the head of the delegation, Anderson Malive, disclosed to the recipients, parents and their teachers that Wonjongo sons and daughters living in the USA were the donors of the scholarships. Mola Malive who is a 2nd Grade Assistant Superintendent of Police, explained to the laureates that it is the wish of their sponsors that they excel at all levels in education and be ambassadors of the Wonjongo Court Area.


According to Mola Malive, the scholarship is just a token to motivate intellectual competition among pupils. He emphasized that the pupils need to encourage BAA members in the USA with good results to ensure a continuous flow of financial support. He added that the scholarship was initially limited to those in secondary schools and universities, but three years ago BAA members saw the need to build a solid platform that would prepare their young scholars in primary schools to meet the challenges in further education. 


Mola Malive called on the teachers and parents who know the daily problems of the pupils to help make suggestions on how the BAA members can better motivate the pupils in the region to perform well in school.

Speaking on behalf of parents, a catechist at the Catholic main mission, Wonjongo, Pius Etonge Ewanjo, joined the pupils of schools in this region to express their joy for being beneficiaries of the scholarship. While the pupils made a promise to score a hundred 100% at the 2010 edition of the First School Leaving Certificate, Mola Ewanjo prayed BAA members to organise such events early to enable pupils register for final year exams. He said there are many parents whose children do very well in school but can’t afford to register them for national exams. One pupil said his parents have already warned him that performances of Bakweri students in national exams are being monitored all over the world by Bakwerians, so any Bakweri student who messes up and doesn’t do well will be found out.


Teachers complained that some pupils failed to be registered for the Government Common Entrance Examination because their parents failed to provide their birth certificates while others could not afford the registration fees. The teachers added that only one pupil at Government School Mokunda mo Mbenge registered for the Common Entrance Exams and that they had to put so much pressure on the parents of pupils of that school before the pupils  could be registered for the First School Leaving Certificate Examination. They therefore added their voices to those of the parents to pray that scholarships be programmed prior to registration for these examinations.


At the end of the event the chief of Wonjongo, H.R.H. Chief Efesoa, thanked the BAA members for being regular with the scholarship. He maintained that education is the strength of today’s society and that BAA is on the right path in building the Wonjongo area for posterity. The royal father prayed God to keep them united and bless them in all their endeavours. 

Members of the delegation who reached out to the recipients were Geraldine Namondo of Exports Service, CDC Tiko, and Ruben Ndeley who did all the ground work to assemble laureates, teachers and parents. The home based coordinator of the scholarship,  Ruth Eposi Engome Likine of Limbe City Council, could not make it to the villages due to official duty at the council.




Under the leadership of the President Mola Elive Likine and Development Committee Chair Iya Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill, BAA has had another successful year with the implementation of the Annual Primary School Scholarship Programme.  The programme started in 2007 and has progressively evolved throughout the years with about 80-90 students receiving scholarships.


Next on BAA’s agenda is the distribution of medical supplies donated by Iya Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill's employer – Covidien/Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical. The medical supplies include gauze pads/sponges, defibulator, burn gels, stethoscopes, used prescription glasses, surgical tapes, disposable patient gowns, syringes, lab-style coveralls, lab-style scrubs, nebulizers, adhesive pads etc.  Thanks to Vice President of BAA, Mola Dr Henry Njie, for shipping and storing supplies pending implementation.  The supplies are already in Cameroon and will be donated to Wonjongo maternity to assist Wonjongo Court Area residents.  


BAA USA can boast of about 40 members in Cameroon and abroad; with ~25 active members.  All Wonjongo area origins are welcome to join them by submitting a one time registration fee of $20 and annual membership fee of $60.

                                        Membership List


Elive Likine

 Emmanuel Vekima

Maggie Vekima

Stephen Vekima Efesoa

Olive Dione Efesoa

Jacob Lifaka

Pauline Litumbe-Hill

Ekese Litumbe

Henry Njie

Emilia Njie

Francis Njie

Grace Njie

Edwin Ndoko

Jack Endeley

Stephen Ndely

Samuel Ndely

Mama Sophie Lyonga

Pamela Jofi Ngwesse

Vivienne, N. Mosasso

Becky Eko Samuel

Esie Njie Samuel

Rachel Kale

Catherine Longonje

Lyonga Mokosso

Lifongo Vetinde

Joseph Mosasso

Efesoa Mokosso

Elizabeth Monjoa Nangmenyi

Magdalene Likine Kinge

John  Ewange Tokeson

Agie Jackai

Children of Aunti Emilia

Maondo Njalla-Quan

Enanga Emilia Likine

Jesinta Vefonge

Eposi Esoka Vetinde

Katte Mosasso

Sally Woleta-Endeley

Minerva Njalla-Quan

Late Martha Efeti Kebbi





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