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Buea Paramount Chief Installs Paul Mokako Gobina As

Traditional Ruler Of Wondongo Village, Buea


By Thompson Ewome Findi in Buea for Fako UK /FakoNews Centre

18 November 2010



The Paramount Chief of Buea, H.R.H (Nakuve) S.M.L. Endeley, has commissioned the new Quarter Head of Wondongo/Wonyamolio Paul Mokako Gobina and his Councillors to work for the general interest of inhabitants of the neighbourhood.  The Royal father made this call on Monday 15 November, 2010, while installing the traditional heads in the Buea Chiefdom.

During the installation, it was disclosed that the new Quarter-Head, Mola Paul Mokako Gobina, was born on 9th April 1961 in Buea. The father of three, son of late Simon Mbwange

 Gobina and late Sophie Gobina nee Mokossa, is a Physical Education teacher at Bilingual Grammar School, Molyko, Buea. He has also been the Director of the Buea Omni-sport Stadium, a post he has handled for three years.


He has Daniel Mbua Teke, Njombe Mbua Jeremiah, Nanjia Roland Maija Songe, Lysonge William Evakise, Bismarck Kuve Mokake, Lyonga Mbua Nelson, Christiana Namondo Mokoko, Rose Eposi Likuve, Wana Peter Mbua and Libwea Wose John as members of his Council.


From a brief presentation by an elite of Wondongo/Wonnyamolio, it was  disclosed that the village was first headed by late Franz Gobina Njie Wojuwa, the grand father of newly installed Paul Mokako Gobina. Late Franz Gobina Njie Wojuwa who died in 1964, was the Great Grandfather, grand father and father of all the Gobina’s that have ever lived ( or are still living) on earth. . Late Franz Gobina Wojuwa was later on nominated to join the judges at the Buea customary court in the nineteen forties. He was then substituted as head of Wondongo village by Pa Njombe Woteva. Pa Woteva was succeeded by Ndive Eko William, then Jonas Wojuwa Wo Tande and John Ndive . John Ndive headed Wondongo/Wonyamolio from 8 May 1992 to 24 June, 2010, when the Paramount Chief of Buea Nakuve S.M.L. Endeley dissolved the function of Quarter Heads. The entire Gobina family, known in real Bakweri as Wonya Ngoina, is happy that the headship of Wondongo village has returned to them.


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