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Family in Wonakanda Saved by God’s Grace

By Ferdinand Efome for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Many who have been at the compound of one Cecilia Namondo Mokondo whose house was hit by a tree after a heavy thunder storm in Wonakanda village have testified that she and her entire family were saved by the special grace of God.
The tree that was cut off by wind from the Wonakanda wrestling field, just beside the Malleh (Bakweri male cult) shrine fell on the roof of this lady at about 5 am on the night of Thursday March 29, 2013, breaking Friday during a heavy downpour. The tree fell exactly on the roof of the room  Cecilia Mokondo’s grand daughter was sleeping with her new born baby.
Those who came to their rescue that night have testified that they were saved by the special grace of God. According to them, they could not believe their eyes when they arrived at the site of the accident and discovered that all the occupants of the house came out without  injury.
Members of the Malleh group have said that the tree was not part of their shrine and so cannot be responsible for any compensation. However, there is another tree just around the same location that poses danger to the houses around. The inhabitants have promised to file a complaint to the authorities that be, so that the tree be cut down to avoid future disaster.

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