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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for FAKO UK/Fako News Centre

Mola Loka L’a Nganje, now Alhadji Usmanu Loka Nganje, a Bakweri native who converted to Muslimism, was on Tuesday 15 November, 2011, received by the Muslim and Bakweri communities in Buea from his pilgrim to Mecca.  His arrival in town was made noticeable as a motorcade took him round the streets of Buea and went round the BONAVADA villages.


Mola Loka was well received  and a party was organised to celebrate his achievement and arrival back to his land of birth. The mayor of the Buea municipality, Mbella Moki Charles and other close friends are reported to have been the brain behind Mola Loka’s welcome party.
Pilgrimage to Mecca is an experience Muslim faithfuls will not want to miss in their lifetime. Mola Loka therefore got and experienced to share with his fellow communicants of the Muslim faith, friends and relatives.
The Muslim convert is a promoter of the Bakweri culture and is popularly called in town ‘Soura’. He is known for his talent  and ability to sound the Bakweri traditional trumpet. The sound of that trumpet is currently synonymous to Mola Loka. You can find Mola Loka sounding the trumpet during the Mount Cameroon Race, Maleh Dance festivities, Wrestling Competitions and other national events around Fako Division. Mola Loka is a native of Bova II in Buea subdivision but lives in Buea Town.


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