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                          SCHOOLS IN TIKO SUB-DIVISION


                    Section A; Public-General Education, SECONDARY

  1. Government Bilingual High School(GBHS), Tiko
  2. Government Bilingual High School(GBHS), Mutengene
  3. Government Bilingual Secondary School(GBSS), Mudeka
  4. Government Secondary School(GSS), Motombolomboh, Tiko

              Public-Technical Education

  1. Government Technical High School(GTHS), Ombe
  2. Government Technical College(GTC), Tiko


  1. Christ The King College(CKC), Tiko
  2. Regina Pacis College(REPACOL), Mutengene


  1. Imperial Academy of Arts and Science, Tiko
  2.  Foundation Education Trust College, Mutengene
  3.  Modern College of Technology(STARMOTEC), Tiko
  4.  Progressive Comprehensive High School

             Section B; Primary Education

  1. Government School, Tiko I
  2. Government School, Tiko II
  3. Government School, Upper Costains I
  4. Government School, Upper Costains II
  5. EPF Upper Costains, Tiko
  6.  Government School Senior Service, Tiko
  7. Government School, Ndongo, Tiko
  8. Government School Likomba I, Tiko
  9. Government School Likomba II, Tiko
  10.  Government School Likomba III, Tiko
  11.  EPF Mutengene
  12.  Government School Mutengene I
  13.  Government School Mutengene II
  14.  Government School Mutengene III
  15.  Government School, Ombe Native
  16.  Government Bilingual Primary School, Mutengene
  17.  Government School, Ombe New Lay Out
  18.  Government School, Essoassoa
  19.  Government School, Pungo Matute
  20.  Government School, Lifongo
  21.  Government School, Mondoni
  22.  Government School, Misselleleh
  23.  Government School, Mudeka
  24.  Government Bilingual Primary School, Mongo
  25.  Government School, New Bonakoh
  26.  St Mary’s Tiko
  27.  St Joseph’s Tiko
  28.  Catholic School, Mutengene
  29.  Catholic School, Likomba
  30.  Catholic School, Misselleleh
  31. Catholic School, Moquo
  32.  Presbyterian School, Tiko
  33.  Presbyterian School, Mutengene
  34.  Presbyterian School, Misselleleh
  35.  byterian School, Mondoni
  36.  Cameroon Baptist Convention, Tiko
  37.  Cameroon Baptist Convention, Mutengene
  38.  Cameroon Baptist Convention, Musaka
  39.  Islamic Primary School, Tiko
  40.  Koel Bilingual
  41.  Charity Bilingual
  42.  Foundation Trust
  43.  Sabibi
  44.  CNPS Tiko
  45.  Full Gospel

               Section C; Nursery Education

  1. Government Nursery School, Tiko
  2.  Government Nursery School, Mutengene
  3.  EMF CIAP, Mutengene
  4.  Government Nursery School, Ombe
  5. Government Nursery School, Motombolomboh
  6. EMF de la Defense U/C
  7. Government Nursery School, Ndongo
  8. Government Nursery School, Likomba
  9.  Catholic Nursery School, Tiko
  10.  Catholic Nursery School, Mutengene
  11.  Catholic Nursery School, Misselleleh
  12.  Presbyterian Nursery School, Mutengene
  13.  CNPS
  14. Foundation Nursery
  15.  Koel Bilingual Nursery
  16.  Sabibi Nursery




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