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Tata Kinge Takes “Cha-Cha” Dance International

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK / Fako News Centre


 Popular Fako cultural artist, Tata Kinge, is part of a Cameroonian delegation to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the nation at Expo Shanghai 2010 international trade fair in China. Tata-Kinge along with Jean Pierre Esome, Richard King and other Cameroonian artists, joined the minister of culture in the delegation that left Cameroon for Shanghai, China on Tuesday 28 September, 2010.

In a chat with Fako News Centre on the eve of his departure, Tata Kinge said he was very elated to take the culture of the Fako people international. He explained that from the foot paths in his small village, Wonakanda, at the slopes of Mount Cameroon, God is lifting him up from grass to grace.  According to Tata-Kinge, no amount of money would bring him the joy to take part in an international event of this magnitude.

“It is a breakthrough in my life and my community in that, through music, I am going to sell the Bakweri culture to the world” he explained. He noted that many who would see him back in his primary school days hitting the desks and singing during break time to entertain his class mates would laugh at him. He maintained that when the promises of God are with anyone, so too would that person have God’s protection.

The Fako based artist prayed that God grant him good health during the one month event that runs through the month of October 2010 so that he can sing, dance and show the world that Africans too have at least something to boast about. Before leaving for the big event, Tata Kinge was preparing to travel to Cairo, Egypt to shoot video clips of some of his tracks. He was also in studio recording his next album. He promised to send it to the market as soon as he returns.

The Expo Shanghai 2010 is being hosted in China’s economic capital and has over 160 countries participating.



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