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BUEA: Shoplifter surrenders mobile phone for freedom



Shoplifter Surrenders Mobile Phone for Freedom

By Francis Kaisa in Buea, for Fako News Centre

A petty trader in Molyko, Buea is now in custody of a girl’s mobile phone who was caught shoplifting opposite Paramount Hotel, Buea. Eye witness accounts say the girl came into the shop on Monday 27th October 2008 to buy clothes along with her friends and decided to steal a blouse.

The girl ran out of luck when unknown to her, a neighbour was monitoring all her actions. She took advantage of the fact that the shopkeeper was busy bargaining the price of a dress with her friends while she tucked away a blouse into her handbag. After the shopkeeper had finished all the transactions with her friends, the girl was about moving away when the neighbour alerted his friend and challenged her to show the contents of her bag and to disclose where she bought it (blouse) from.


Word had gone round that a shoplifter had been caught and the crowd started gathering. On sensing danger, the girl quickly pleaded that the shopkeeper collect her phone as collateral since the phone cost FCFA 60,000.

When questioned, she claimed that she was a student from the University of Yaounde I.





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