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 Former Pupils of Government School Bova and

Government School Wonakanda(Bonakanda) Donate To

The Schools

By Ferdinand Efome in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre


Staff and pupils of Government School (G.S.) Bova and G.S. Bonakanda were overwhelmed with joy recently when some of their former pupils presented some gifts to both schools.
The team of former pupils lead by Captain Sylvester Azap donated a set of football kits each to the football teams of both schools. The set of football kits each consisted of a set of complete jerseys (t-shirts, shorts and stockings) for 15 players including the goalkeepers and two footballs.


These gifts were handed to the above schools on Monday April 22nd 2013 during a visit made to the schools by the former pupils. They were accompanied by their former teacher Mr. Henry Ngenye Kulu who taught them in G.S. Bova, and a mentor in their community, Mola Matute Menyoli.
While presenting the gifts to the captains of the football teams of both schools, Captain Azap who serves in the US army told the pupils to be obedient, respectful, hardworking, and persevere.  According to Mr. Azap, these are basic elements that can enable them succeed in Life.
He added that he wished to see them succeed so that they can all come back to their communities to payback as his team has done. He prayed the pupils to love their teachers, parents, school mates and always give them support whenever need be.


On his part, the other former pupil, Moki Stephen Mokondo who coordinated the donation programme encouraged the pupils never to be discouraged. He explained that education is a long, expensive and exhaustive process whose end reward is very motivating.  According to him, education is an equaliser that they can get them to whatever position they wish to get to in life, if they remain diligent.


Pointing at their former teacher Mr. Moki who is the Service Head for Communication, Documentation and Archives at the South West Regional Delegation of Elections Cameroon explained that if they did not study hard, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to proudly move around with Mr. Kulu, Mola Matute Menyoli and even occupy positions of responsibilities today.
Their former teacher Mr. Henry Kulu who is now the Chief of Service for schools at the South West Regional Delegation of Basic Education told the teachers to be proud of their job. Mr. Kulu told the teachers of both schools that they should never underestimate the pupils they teach because of their ages. He explained that these young pupils are future leaders and as such, they should treat them with a lot of caution. He added that he goes chest pounding today because those he taught are well placed today and they recognise him whenever they see him. But while training young Cameroonians, he told them to also update themselves through distance learning.

The Headteachers of both schools complained that parents in this community show less interest in the welfare of their children’s education. They hardly attend meetings organised by the schools where they can together identify ways of handling common problems faced in the upbringing of their children.
However, Mola Matute Menyoli, gave the contacts of some elites of the community who will be willing to support the schools should need be. He told the Headteachers to always contact him ahead of any meeting so that he can mobilise other elites to attend.
The former pupils have plans to annually award scholarships to the best pupils in both schools. A friendly football match between both schools has been programmed in the days ahead to launch these jesses.
At the end of the donation exercise, the South West Regional Delegate of Basic Education Mr. Njikam Gabriel who got news of the gesture, invited Mr. Azap and his mates, Moki Stephen Mokondo and Ewusi Philip Mondoa to his office. There, he congratulated them and encouraged them to continue with the initiative of paying back to their communities.


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