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Nigerian Government Presents Chief David Ikome Molinge

 of Muea, Buea, With an Award For Looking After Nigerians

 in His Muea Chiefdom



By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for FAKO UK /Fako News Centre

26th October 2010 



The hospitality and endless services of the Traditional Leader of Muea, Buea, H.R.H. Chief David Ikome Molinge  to Nigerians resident in his community have earned him an International Award. Authorities at the Nigerian Consulate to the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon, representing the Nigerian government, presented this Meritorious Service Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Service to Nigerians in Cameroon to the Royal father of Muea at his Muea palace on Saturday 23 October, 2010.


While presenting the award, the representative of the Consul General of Nigeria to the North West and South West Regions cum the President of Nigerian Nationals in Cameroon Mr. Andrew Essien, explained that they have been monitoring how Cameroonians relate to Nigerians in Cameroon. He added that after findings and confirmation from the Nigerian Community in Muea, it was concluded that Chief Molinge be this year’s winner of the award.




According to Mr. Essien, Nigerians in Muea have testified that Chief Molinge treats them without discrimination. He disclosed that Chief Molinge settles disputes justly between Nigerians and Cameroonians in his Chiefdom. He has also been known for always interfering in matters concerning Nigerians and the Cameroon authorities. That is why he has been described as the chief-of-the-people. His subjects prefer that his traditional council handles their disputes than taking them to the police or the judiciary, who usually extort money from them. Nigerians say that they hardly get a fair hearing at the courts and the police. They regard Anglophone Cameroonians  as their brothers and sisters because they used to be part of the same country under British rule from 1919 to 1960, and speak the same language. Some of them say that they are brutalised by the police, especially police officers of Francophone origin who hate anybody who speaks English to them even when those police officers work in the English speaking part of Cameroon. The Nigerian community also maintained that Chief Molinge is very accommodating. It was from these feedbacks that the Nigerian authorities deemed it very necessary to reward him.



Reacting after receiving the award, the Royal Father expressed his gratitude to the Nigerian community. He explained that both nationals have been destined by God to live together and this they must learn to accept. He confessed that he was humbled with the honour the Nigerians have conferred on to him with this award. He claimed that he least expected the award but said he was gratified that they have been taking note of his services to them.



According to chief Molinge, his wish has been to serve mankind as much as he can, hoping that he will get his reward in heaven. However, he maintained that it is gratifying for one to start receiving his reward here on earth. He added that all humans deserve respect wherever they are because God did not create them as Cameroonians or Nigerians but as humans in His own Image. He further promised his availability and total support in ensuring the Nigerians to fulfil their missions in Cameroon. Muea is a cosmopolitan town that hosts more than 15 large ethnic groups in Cameroon including Nigerians due to its commercial activities. It has one of the biggest food markets in Cameroon and is an emergingcommercial centre in the region.



The Muea Chief also used this occasion to show the attendees the GUARDIAN POST AWARD to the best traditional authority in Cameroon he earned in 2009. He also presented members of the Truck-Pushers Association of Muea and their uniforms to the public. Chief Molinge explained that the numbers on their uniforms ease their identification as they correspond to identification files for each member in their traditional council. He argued that this development is to ensure the security of customers who hire the services of the truck-pushers when they come to the market. He claimed that some thieves disguise as truck-pushers and end up disappearing with people’s goods. He maintained that only those who have been registered and can be identified are allowed to carry on this service in Muea.  



The occasion took another twist when Chief Molinge donated prizes where to the cleanest Neighbourhoods in Muea. The Mayor of Buea, Charles Mbella Moki, presented the first prize to Quarter III that took home a cash prize, a trophy, four bags of rice, hoes and brooms, then quarter IV and IX followed with three and two bags of rice respectively. The fourth to the tenth neighbourhood in this town all left the Muea Royal Palace with beaming smiles as they were all also given a bag of rice each along with hoes and brooms. There was also a cow to be shared to all the neighbourhoods. Chief Molinge explained that this gesture is aimed at encouraging inhabitants to develop a habit of living in cleanliness..





The representative of the South West Governor cum his Social and Cultural Adviser, Edwin Nkenya Ngwana, took the stage to declare that the award of recognition to Chief Molinge was just cementing relation ties between Nigeria and Cameroon. He disclosed that Cameroon shares the longest boarder with Nigeria and that the boundaries are just arbitrary to ease administration.  Mr Ngwana reminded those present on how both countries resolved their boarder crisis in the Bakassi Peninsular which earned them praises from the international community. He then called on the Nigerians to feel at home wherever in Cameroon, making sure that they respect the laws of the land like any other.





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