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         Below is the picture of Muyuka town centre.


                                      Section A; SECONDARY EDUCATION


                             Public-General Education

  1. Government Bilingual High School(GBHS), Muyuka
  2. Government Secondary School(GSS), Ekona
  3. Government  Secondary School(GSS), Bafia
  4. Government Secondary School(GSS), Malende

                       Public-Technical Education

  1. Government Technical High School(GTHS), Yoke
  2. Government Technical College(GTC), Munyenge


  1. Cameroon Baptist Academy Secondary School, Muyuka
  2. Full Gospel Technical College
  3. Our Lady of Grace Secondary School
  4. World Wide Mission High School, Muyuka
  5. Full Gospel High School


12.  F.E.S.S   Technical College, Muyuka

13. Vocational College of Arts, Science and Technology(VOCAST)

14. EFUET-NGU Comprehensive College

                   Section B; Primary Education

  1. Government School Muyuka I
  2. Government School Muyuka II
  3. Government School Muyuka III
  4. Government School Muyuka IV
  5. Government Bilingual Primary School, Muyuka I
  6. Government Bilingual Primary School Muyuka II
  7. EPF Muyuka
  8. Government School Ekona Yard I
  9. Government School Ekona Yard II
  10. Government School Ekona Mbenge
  11. Government School Ekona Lelu
  12. Government School Mpundu
  13. Government School Yoke
  14. Government School Malende
  15. Government School Owe
  16. Government School Ikata
  17. Government School Bafia I
  18. Government School Bafia II
  19. Government School Bavenga
  20. Government School Likoko
  21. Government School Munyenge I
  22. Government School Munyenge II
  23. Catholic School Ekona
  24. Catholic School Ma’utu
  25. Catholic School Masue
  26. Catholic School Mpundu
  27. Catholic School Muyuka
  28.  Catholic School Malende
  29. Catholic School Owe
  30.  Catholic School Ikata
  31. New Generation Bafia
  32. Catholic School Munyenge
  33. Presbyterian School Ekona
  34. Presbyterian School Muyuka
  35. Presbyterian School Yoke
  36. Presbyterian School Bafia
  37. Cameroon Baptist Convention Munyenge
  38. Cameroon Baptist Convention Bafia
  39. Anglo-Arabic
  40. Fugopans Muyuka
  41. Moukam Memorial School, Bafia
  42. Apostolic Primary

         Section C; Nursery Education

  1. Government Nursery School, Muyuka I
  2. Government Nursery School, Muyuka II
  3. Government Nursery School, Ekona
  4. Government Nursery School, Yoke
  5. Government Nursery School, Bafia
  6. Government Nursery School, Munyenge
  7. Government Bilingual Nursery School, Owe
  8. EMF Muyuka
  9. Government Nursery School, Malende
  10. Catholic Nursery School, Muyuka
  11. Fugopan Nursery
  12. Moukam Memorial
  13. Apostolic Nursery
  14. IPNS Muyuka




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