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Mutengene Police College Graduates over 1500 Police Inspectors

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
12 June 2014

The Mutengene (pronounced mutengeneh) Police Training College has graduated over 1500 police inspector officers. The graduation ceremony that took place on Friday 6 June, 2014, also witnessed the graduation of police students from Equatorial Guinea and Togo.
Of the over 1500 graduating students, 500 of them are those who got in through direct entrance recruitment and another set of 40 police officers came in through an in-service recruitment exam. These two sets of police students have gone through a rigorous training exercise that involves a military phase whereby experienced soldiers from the armed forces drilled the police officers and a professional phase whereby the students got training on conduct and ethics of the profession. As students, they also had internships that exposed them to field training and job experience.
Another group of over 1000 in-service police workers who had due advancement also joint the school some six months ago. At the graduation ceremony, they all received diplomas indicating that they have completed their course. 






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