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Molongo Mo Wana Wa Wakpwe (Bakweri Sons and Daughter.s Association)

By Moki Stepen Mokondo in Buea for Fako News Centre

The Molongo Mo Wana Wa Wakpwe (Bakweri Sons and Daughters Association) has a new leadership that will manage the affairs of the association for the next three years. The new leadership of 34 executivesto run the affairs of the association at the national level was installed on Sunday 2 June 2019 at the Youth and Animation Centre Buea by traditional rulers of the Bakweri clan. 
While commissioning the new president and his executive to their functions, the traditional rulers reminded them of their responsibility to ensure that all the branches of the association from Bomboko in Meme Division to all the villages in Fako Division are active. 
The traditional rulers reminded the leaders that their strength and success will depend on their ability to unit members of the clan so that they can together work for the development of their communities. 

Also present during the ceremony, was the South West Regional Delegate of Culture, Grace Ewang Ngo who reminded members of the need to create a museum for the preservation and showcase of the rich cultural artifacts and other cultural values of the Mokpwes. She pointed out that the traditional rulers should allocate land for the construction of a Mokpwe cultural village that shall serve as a touristic site. 
On his part, an elite and chairman during the event, the Education Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, Samuel Kale Njie encourage tolerance amongst the Mokpwe communities. He cautioned them to learn to resolve their differences within and avoid the public. 

In an interview granted Fako News Centre, the new National President, Mola Esombi Vefonge Joseph promised to ensure that all members of his executive are actively involved in the daily running of the association. He noted that most associations fail because of division that often occur within the executives. The president maintained that the association that was created in 1991 (28 years ago) has gone through so many challenges has stood the test of time. He therefore encouraged sons and daugthers of the Mokpwe clan who are home and abroad to throw their weight behind the association for the realization of the development of their communities.