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By a special correspondent in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

The people of Buea are yet to come to terms with the brazen murder of Mary Dissake, one of the prettiest Bakweri women God ever designed.
Prophetess Mary Limunga Dissake was stabbed to death in front of her residence cum chapel at Small Soppo Buea on the morning of Friday 31 August, 2012, by 27-year-old Ekema Mbua, who had months before been delivered by Mary from evil attacks caused by demons.
 It is alleged that Ekema from Likombe village was infatuated with the exceptional beauty of the 42-year-old prophetess and was pestering her for marriage which she took as a joke.
On this fateful 31 August, Ekema materialised at Mary’s residence at about 8 a.m. with a cutlass under his armpit. Outside the house,  a young woman living with Mary recognized Ekema and saw the cutlass but thought he was going to the farm. Before she knew, Ekema was already at the door. Mary answered the door and Ekema brought up the issue of marriage again in a threatening manner declaring that he came to settle the matter once and for all.
 Mary sensed danger and cajoled Ekema to put away the cutlass before they talk. She was the one who peacefully took the cutlass from under Ekema’s armpit and put it aside. With the cutlass out of reach, Mary felt safe and reiterated her stance on the issue of marriage. She pointed out to him that she was a legally married woman and even if she wasn’t, he was too young for her. Ekema suddenly grabbed Mary from behind in a stranglehold and as Mary struggled  to free herself, he pulled a dagger from his pocket and stabbed Mary under her right breast. Ekema then fled from the scene with his dagger and cutlass and Mary who was still conscious but bleeding profusely was rushed to the Buea Government Hospital. In the emergency room, doctors did their best but she died minutes later, from excessive loss of blood.
Ekema was arrested by the police same day at Ekonjo near Wonjongo, more than thirty miles from the scene of the crime. He has since been in custody at the Buea Central Prison and a preliminary hearing is already underway in the Magistrate’s Court.
It turned out that Mary Dissake was married to Gendarmerie Colonel Rene Kontchou with four children (a girl and three boys) whereupon she received a calling to serve the Lord and she left her family in Bamenda and moved to Buea to start her ministry which lasted for three years before her death.  Within those three years she travelled to Bamenda every month to spend a week with her family.
Her late father Dissake was a native of Wokwai village in Buea and her mother Sophie Mojoko Malafa Dissake is from Komboni village near Mokunda in Buea and lives in their family home at street 8 Great Soppo Buea, a stone’s throw from the Presbyterian Cathedral.
Colonel Kontchou travelled from Bamenda to Buea and took his wife’s body to his Bamileke home town of Baham for burial.
Many Bakwerians are embittered and embarrassed that a young Bakweri man killed his fellow Bakweri sister in cold blood, stripping the Bakweri tribe of one of its prettiest women.
Those who had not seen Mary Dissake for a long time, would remember her teenage days in Bilingual Grammar School in the mid-1980s where she was admired by all and sundry for her beauty.
May the soul of Prophetess Mary Limunga Dissake Kontchou rest in perfect peace.

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