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Martin Yangange Musonge, Native Of Wonakanda Village, Joins The ‘Nganya-Mahleh’ Bakweri Society

By Moki Stephen Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre


The initiation rights to admit Mola Martin Yangange Musonge into one of the strongest arm of ‘Nganya-Mahleh, a Bakweri secret society, have taken place in Wonakanda village, Buea sub-division, Cameroon. The ceremony that brought members of this secret society from neighbouring villages took place on Friday, August 10th 2012.

After accepting his application to be part of the ‘nganya’, members of this secret society received and danced around the village with Mola Yangange Musonge, of the USA, before leading him to a shrine for the initiation proper. They spent hours in this shrine working on his spiritual empowerment and fortifying him into full membership.   

All that took place in this shrine remains secret only to him and members of this secret society. But it is believed that Mola Musonge must have been briefed on the dos and don’ts of this society. He must as well have been educated on the language members use for identification.
In the Bakweri clan, it is believed that for a male to be considered a fully grown man, he should become a member of the Mahleh secrete society and therefore graduate to the various ranks of the society, of which the Nganya is one.

Being a member of Nganya, Mola Martin Musonge will be able to move at all hours of the day without being interrupted by this secret society in case he comes across them anywhere. The Nganya is believed to have some spiritual powers that enable them cleanse Bakweri communities of witches and wizards. Therefore, they often come out on special occasions to perform cleansing rituals and non-members are expected to stay in-doors. Incase Mola Yangange comes across them performing; he will just need to use their language to identify himself.


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