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Landslide Cuts Off Manyu Division From Other Parts Of Cameroon


Landslide Cuts off Manyu Division from Other Parts of Cameroon

By Moki S. Mokondo for Fako UK / Fako  News Centre
Traffic has been interrupted from other parts of Cameroon to the Manyu Division of the South West Region of the country following a landslide around the Bakwa super Fly-over. This occurred on Monday, 22 June, 2009 after six hours of severe down-pour.
Victims of the landslide are receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Manyemen after their houses were flooded with water and mud. According to reports, the mud also trapped some travellers in their cars on the Kumba side of the bridge.
More than two hundred users of this road have been trapped on both sides of the bridge. Others have resulted on crossing the fly-over on foot given that it has become impassable to vehicles.
The Kumba-Mamfe road is one of the major roads leading to Manyu Division among other roads from other parts of Cameroon . There is another road from the North West Region to the division of which the travelling conditions are often worse than those travelling through  Kumba.
All roads from other parts of Cameroon leading to Manyu Division are earth roads. It makes it difficult for road users to travel freely to and from Manyu in all seasons. They have to brave the dusty roads during the dry season and its slippery nature in the rainy season. Sometimes, people spend days on their way to get to their destinations.


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