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Douala Food Vendor Disappears After She Confesses Her Misdeeds To Pastor Joshua

Food Vendor Disappears After Confessing Misdeeds

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK / Fako News Centre


A popular food vendor in Douala, Mami Achu’uh has deserted her restaurant after confessing that she usually placed her pants in the pot while preparing food she sold. She made this confession live on a gospel television channel, Emmanuel TV to a prophet, T.B Joshua, that the pant served as a charm that attracted customers to her eating house.


Mami Achu’uhs confession turned saliva sour in the mouths of many viewers especially her customers when she testified having consulted a witch doctor as a means to get quick riches. She explained that the witch doctor instructed her to always place her underwear in the pot while boiling meat whenever she was preparing food. She confessed that things had been moving well until recently when the spirits of darkness started tormenting her. Going on her knees  infront of the prophet, she pleaded for deliverance.


Mami Achu’uh, who got her name from a popular North West Regional dish, Achu’uh, prepared from local condiments. She operated a popular restaurant around Centré Pilot, Douala. It was after her confession that people reasoned it out that the reason why people always queued up for long hours  to buy food from this vendor was mystical. Her customers usually washed plates  themselves before they were served at the restaurant. This was how eager people were to eat the woman’s food. Even directors of companies usually queued up in front Mami Achu’uh’s restaurant to have a chew of her meals.


Today, the story has changed as reports from Douala say that many of her customers have been waiting to lynch her. But since her confession, the doors of her restaurant have failed to open.


This story reminds many Cameroonians of a mother of four in Bamenda who in the late 70s confessed that her husband was the biological father of her first born only. This woman shocked her children and husband when she confessed that her other children were a result of extra-marital sex. She made this confession in a crusade during the start of the Born Again movement in Cameroon by a university lecturer, Dr. Zachariah Fomum.  



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