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By Cecilia Musaka in Limbe for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

On the 26th of March 2016, the town of Limbe hosted a group M qualifier ahead of the 2017 AFCON in Gabon. This was between the indomitable lions of Cameroon and  Bafana Bafana of South Africa.
      The match was held at the newly built Ngeme stadium on the outskirts of Limbe. This was a ground breaking event for the country and was unique because it was the first time an Anglophone region hosted the national team in a qualifier for an  international tournament. This was organized by the telecommunication company known as Orange and Opur which is a water company. There was  excitement all over the country especially the towns of Buea and Limbe. These towns were painted with the green, red and yellow colours of the country’s flag, t shirts, and paints. Cameroonians were enthusiastic and excited as they waited for the match. This led to many travelling overnight just to meet up and be on time, as well as others who came to Limbe for the first time and loved the sea view. Many travelled from different areas of the country to witness the event. The players were lodged at the Chariot Hotel in Buea for two days.

     Moreover, this also brought about many merchandise opportunities as companies used this period to advertise their products so as to gain more customers and increase their clientele. Tickets were sold from 2,000 Frs. cfa to 30,000Frs depending on which part of the stadium the buyer wanted to sit in. Cameroonian supporters expressed their expectations of seeing the indomitable Lions beat South Africa. However, South Africa gave Cameroon a tough fight. The match ended 2-2, with both sides cancelling each other in the midfield but dangerous on the attack. Although Cameroon fans were disappointed with the 2-2 draw, they were happy to see the beautiful town of Limbe host the national team in their beautiful stadium.



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