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                        SCHOOLS IN LIMBE SUB-DIVISION


                         Section A; Secondary Education


                          Public-General education

  1. Government High School(GHS), Limbe
  2. Government Bilingual High School(GBHS), Limbe
  3. Government High School(GHS), Batoke, Limbe
  4. Government Secondary School(GSS), Mbonjo, Limbe
  5. Government Secondary School, Bona Dikombo, Mile 4, Limbe

                    Public-Technical education

  1. Government Technical College(GTC), Limbe


  1. Saker Baptist College(SBC), Limbe
  2. Presbyterian Girls Secondary School(PGSS), Limbe
  3. Presbyterian Youth Centre(PYC), Limbe
  4.  Saint Anne’s High School, Limbe


  1. National Comprehensive High School, Limbe
  2.  Kulu Memorial College, Limbe
  3.  Unic Secondary School, Limbe
  4.  Kofele Luma Memorial Academy, Limbe
  5.  New Horizon International Secondary School, Limbe
  6.  Good Shepherd Comprehensive Secondary School, Limbe
  7. College D’Expoir, Limbe
  8.  College D’Excellence, Limbe
  9.  College SONARA, Limbe
  10.  Groupe Scolaire Nguea Lottin, Limbe
  11. Atlantic Technical College, Limbe

                   Section B; Primary education

  1. Government School, Limbe I
  2. Government School, Limbe II
  3. Government School, Bota I
  4. Government School, Bota II
  5. Government School, Bota III
  6. Government School, Mabeta, Limbe
  7. Government School, Wovea, Limbe
  8. Government School, Mokundange, Limbe
  9. Government School, Batoke(Vatoke), Lime
  10.  Government School, Towe, Limbe
  11.  Government School, Motowoh, Limbe
  12.  EPF Defence
  13.  EPF Limbe I
  14.  EPF Limbe II
  15.  Government School, Kange, Limbe
  16.  Government School, Mboko, Limbe
  17.   Government School, Bimbia, Limbe
  18.  Government School, Man O’ War Bay, Limbe
  19.  Government Bilingual Primary School, Mabeta Lay Out
  20.  Government School, Mokunda, Limbe
  21.  Government School, Mboko Mboma, Limbe
  22.  EPF BonaDikombo, Limbe
  23.  Government School, Bota Land
  24.  Government Primary School, Bona Dikombo, Limbe
  25.   GPS Mile 1, Group I
  26.  GPS Mile 1, Group II
  27.  Government School, Mawoh, Limbe
  28.  Government School, Unity Quarters, Limbe
  29.  Government School, New Town, Limbe
  30.  Government Bilingual Primary School, Gardens, Limbe
  31.  Ecole Champion, Limbe
  32.  Presbyterian School, Limbe
  33.  Presbyterian School, Bota
  34.  Catholic School, New Town I, Limbe
  35.  Catholic School, Newtown II, Limbe
  36.  Catholic School, Gardens I, Limbe
  37.  Catholic School, Gardens II, Limbe
  38.  Catholic School, Bota
  39.  Catholic School, Ngeme, Limbe
  40.  Catholic School, Bonadikombo, Limbe
  41.  Cameroon Baptist Convention, Main, Limbe
  42.  Cameroon Baptist Convention, Moliwe, Limbe
  43. Cameroon Baptist Convention, Centenary, Limbe
  44.  Cameroon Baptist Convention, Bonadikombo, Limbe
  45.  CARL STEANE, Limbe
  46.  STEPS, Limbe
  47.  PNEU, Limbe
  48.  STREET CARE, Limbe
  49.  SABINPRIS, Limbe
  50.  Nguea Lottin, Limbe
  51.  National Comprehensive Primary School, Limbe
  52.  HOHO KINGS, Limbe
  53.  Unique Bilingual, Limbe
  54.  Ecole SONARA, Limbe
  55.  STANDLEY M, Limbe
  56.  STAFF Bobende, Limbe
  57.  Accelerated C. Education, Limbe


         Section C; Nursery education

  1. Government Nursery School, Isokolo, Limbe
  2.  Government Nursery School, Towe, Limbe
  3.  Government Nursery School, Bota
  4. EMB de la Defence
  5.  Government Nursery School, Mile 1, Limbe
  6.  EMF Beach, Limbe
  7. EMF Mile 1, Limbe
  8. Government Nursery School, Mabeta New Lay Out
  9. Government Nursery School, Batoke, Limbe
  10.  Government Nursery School, Ngeme, Limbe
  11.  Government Nursery School, Down Beach, Limbe
  12.  Government Nursery School, Mabeta, Limbe
  13.  Government Nursery School, Moliwe, Limbe
  14.  Government Nursery School, Mile 4, Limbe
  15.  Government Nursery School, Bimbia, Limbe
  16.  Government Practising Nursery School, Bonadikombo, Limbe
  17.  Carl Steane, Limbe
  18.  Unique Batoke, Limbe
  19.  STENS Gardens, Limbe
  20.   STAFF Bobende
  21.  Stanley Millennium, Limbe
  22.   HOHO KINGS, Limbe
  23.  NCPS Mile 1, Limbe
  24.  Street Care, Limbe
  25.  PNEU, Bota
  26.  IBOLYKA SZABO, Limbe
  27.  PS Nursery(PYC), Limbe
  28.  Catholic Nursery School, New Town, Limbe
  29.  Catholic Nursery School, Mile 4, Limbe
  30.  Presbyterian Nursery School, Bota
  31.  Catholic Nursery School, Gardens, Limbe
  32.  Baptist Nursery School, Limbe
  33.  Catholic Nursery School, Bonadikombo, Limbe
  34.  Baptist Nursery School, Newtown, Limbe




        Secondary Education

  1. Government High School, Idenau


   Primary Education

1.      Government School, Bakingili(Vakingili)

2.      Government School Debundscha

3.      Government School, Idenau I

4.      Government School, Idenau II

5.      Government School, Idenau III

6.      Government School Enyenge

7.      Government Bilingual Primary School, Kosse II

8.      Government School, Sanje

9.      Catholic School, Idenau

Nursery Education

1.      Government Nursery School, Bibunde, Idenau

       2. Government Nursery School, Enyenge



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