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University Lecturers Strike Again



Cameroon Higher Education Teachers on Strike Again

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako News Centre


                          13 April 2009

Teachers of state-owned institutions of higher learning in Cameroon have re-launched a strike action demanding the government to secure and improve on their living and working conditions. According to a press release the President and the Secretary General of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education in Cameroon-SYNES, signed last week, the strike action that commenced on Monday, April 13, 2009 would continue to the April 26, 2009 unless the government meets their demands.


The teachers had earlier gone on a six day strike action from Monday November 10, to Saturday November, 15, 2008. During the strike, they requested that their salaries be improved to reflect their status and their workload. They complained that university teachers in Cameroon earn salaries far below those of their colleagues in other African countries with comparable economic resources.


They have gone back on strike as part of their plans to trigger-on the attention of the powers that be. According to this recent release, the lecturers have been called to boycott lecture halls until April 26, 2009 except the government fulfills their demands as stated in their memorandum.


It is reported that, leaders of SYNES, have gone to their villages to avoid any contact or threats from the powers that be. And since most Cameroon villages lack electricity, it is possible that their mobile phones too would be turned off.  However, certain persons have been put in place as contact points between the teachers and the authorities in case the authorities are ready to engage in dialogue with them. Members SYNES have been informed that they would be contacted in case of any developments.



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