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Cameroon: university lecturers go on strike



Cameroon University Dons Go on a Warning Strike

                            By Moki S. Mokondo  in Buea, for Fako News Centre.


Teachers of higher education in Cameroon have begun a six day warning strike calling on the government to secure and improve on their living and working conditions.


According to a press release from the Secretary General of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education in Cameroon-SYNES, Innocent Futcha, the strike action is expected to run from Monday November 10, to Saturday November, 15, 2008. The release also warned that other strike actions would be undertaken after this date if need arises.


The press statement also states that, the university dons through their union had earlier served the Minister of Higher Education a strike notice on October 2008. They maintained in the release that university teachers in Cameroon earn salaries far below those of their colleagues in other Africa countries with comparable economic resources.


The teachers also argue that, they have a heavy work load to carry given the newly created Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. - BMP systems the government has introduced. Taking a walk round the University of Buea campus today, it was discovered that all the lecturers are respecting the call. Students were hanging around lecture halls just hoping that the government would intervene before things get out of hand.


However, some lecturers were in their offices carrying on with administrative work. They are working on the graduation list of students who have completed their studies at the University of Buea, Cameroon.



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