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Fako Workers Receive Labour Medals

        By Moki S. Mokondo in Limbe for    Fako UK/ Fako News Centre

Some workers from some private and para-states establishment in Fako Division have been honoured with labour medals. They received the medals on Friday 1st of May 2009 at the Manga Williams Avenue, Limbe, during the 123rd  Labour day celebrations. Out of a total of 89 medals awarded to deserving workers, twenty were gold, thirty two were silver and thirty seven were bronze  Some of the workers received up to three medals, which depended on the longevity of service, their conduct and general contribution to productivity in their respective services.

Labour representatives used the occasion to decry the attitude of many employers who exploit employees. Speakers at the occasion said that some employers take advantage of the jobless situation in the country to short-change workers. They said employers deduct money from workers' salaries as social insurance contributions but fail to deposit it with social insurance companies. They claimed that this practice leaves many workers frustrated after retirement as they end up without the benefits due them.Some women complained that sexual harassment by male employers is very rife and wondered whether there is any way the men could be prosecuted for such acts. There was also talk of the swelling unemployment rate in Fako Division, especially among the youths.  One medal recipient, John Tanko, claimed that the increasing crime rate in Fako Division is as a result of joblessness among youths. He said that when youths are idle, the devil takes advantage of them, and uses them for his own glory. He therefore prayed the state to intervene in the private sector too to facilitate the employment of youths. Also on the agenda was a call for workers to stay HIV/AIDS free. The speaker explained that it would be difficult to have better output with unhealthy workers affected by this disease. Workers and the rest of the general public were advised to go for checks in order to know their statuses so that they could  avoid contaminating others and start treatment on time to avoid the disease corrupt the entire immune system.





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