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A Fako Son is Divisional Delegate in charge of State

Property and Land Tenure, Fako Division


By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for FAKO UK/Fako News Centre

22 May 2010


The new Divisional Delegate in charge of State Property and Land Tenure, Fako division, is young Thompson Kinge Molonge who hails from Wova (Bova) village in Buea. Mola Kinge Molonge was appointed to this office on 7 May , 2010, and was officially installed on Monday 17 May, 2010 in Limbe. He also doubles as the Chief of Service, State Property, for the South West Region.


Before his transfer to the South West Region, Mr Molonge worked in Yaoundé as the Chief of Service in charge of Layout Development at the Ministry. His new appointment brings him home to head the office that handles land matters.


If there is any division in Cameroon that is noted for problems regarding land matters, it is Fako Division. When it comes to LAND MATTERS, the division is the centre-ground of the forces of good and evil, making it the ‘land-sale’ racketeering capital of Cameroon. Its very rich and fertile volcanic soils coupled with its natural beauty, good climate and easy-going indegenes,  attract a lot of people from the rest of Cameroon into the division. Many non natives want to build and live in Fako division. Many residents of Fako division want land to do farming on. The swelling population from retired Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC) workers, other corporations and civil servants who to retire back to their villages struggle with each other to acquire the least available land to put up a retirement home or farmland. In many Fako villages, people hear of brother killing brother, brother killing sister, uncle killing nephews and nieces, villagers fighting and killing each other, non Bakwerians fighting with Bakwerians, all because of land in Fako Division. Mola Kinge Molonge knows that he has a lot of work waiting for him.


Land sale in Fako is rampant and most often landlords fall into the temptation of selling the same piece of land to more than one punter as there is always a customer who is willing to offer whatever amount to own a fertile piece of land in Fako. Chiefs and their subjects always visit the offices of delegates and divisional officers for land problems.


Advice to anybody wanting to buy  land in Fako Division :

-         Make sure the piece of land legitimately belongs to the vendor by enquiring from relatives of the vendor, the chief and other members of the village. If possible, check with Land Registry to see if that piece of land had been sold to someone else.

-         If you are a non Bakwerian, you have to be more careful. There are many villages in Fako Division that do not sell land to non natives. Unfortunately, some native vendors who are desperate for money conceal the village law and sell to non Bakwerians, only for the buyer to  later on realise that the only option is to get his money back. Getting your money back is very difficult, as the vendor might have used it or even died. There are many of these cases in traditional and magistrate courts at the moment.

If you (Bakwerian or non Bakwerian) are buying land that has been surrendered to natives by CDC or other corporation, be VERY CAREFUL. This is the most dangerous thing to do in Fako division at the moment, as there are many legal issues involved. If you are approached by somebody telling you that there is free land somewhere in Fako division and lets assume you are interested, contact a lawyer and the Divisional Officer to help you find out whether there is any free land in Fako Division. Do not be deceived by men of the underworld, they are after your money. If you buy land that did not belong to the vendor, the land does not belong to you. Even if you build a house on it, you might lose everything. Look after your hard-earned cash.



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