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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako News Centre

Kids and pupils in and around Buea will at the start of the 2016/2017 academic year have the privilege to study in an academic environment that provides education of international standard. The school will be run using modern pedagogic equipment and the number of kids and pupils per classroom will be relatively small to allow teachers to work effectively with learners.
This revelation was made on Saturday May 28, 2016, by Dr Julius Esunge during a dedication service of the new nursery and primary school, Hope Academy, located in Bulu, Buea Subdivision. 
While presenting the school Dr Esunge maintained that the vision of the school is dedicated to training lifelong champions. According to him, their vision is to catch the young and to work with them in the spirit of the Lord.

Dr Esunge disclosed that kids and pupils train in this school will be grounded in knowledge and wisdom by the time they graduate from the institution. He explained that while training kids and pupils to excel in academics, focus will also be placed to enable them develop a solid moral character. He added that their training will bring up young men and women with integrity of hearth and intelligence.
A former Rector of the Yaounde I University, Prof. Sammy Chumbow, spoke on the need to acquire knowledge in the information age. He explained that it is important for children to have access to information through proper education. He said children can be raised to shun corrupt practices that are common in today’s society if they receive proper education.
On her part, Justice Vera Ngassa added that it is very necessary to acquire knowledge. She however cautioned that children should be trained to pursue knowledge with a heart that thinks of what is good for humanity.
The dedication ceremony was graced by the Bakweri Baptist Combined choir while Barrister Lucy Chumbow unveiled the dedication plaque. Also present in the ceremony was a team of partners from the US who before this event also spent 6 days with Prof. Esunge in a Medical Outreached and Gospel Crusade.











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