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Prince John Njie Mokosa is Crowned Chief Of Gbwitingi village  in Buea: Divisional Officer(D.O) Tells other Chiefdoms to Borrow A Leaf From Gbwitingi

Prince John Njie Mokosa is Crowned Chief of Gbwitingi Village, Buea.


By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK / Fako News Centre




The Divisional Officer (D.O) for Buea Sub-Division, Samuel Kuemo, has recommended that bordering chiefdoms copy the approach of the Gbwitingi people on the issue of handling land disputes and other community crises within their chiefdoms. The D.O. made this suggestion in Gbwitingi during the coronation of the chief of that village, HRH Chief Jonh Njie Mokosa, on Friday 20 November , 2009.


During the event,  Mr Kuemo maintained that of all the villages under his jurisdiction, Gbwitingi has reported the least village land disputes, according to his records of villages that come up with issues of unsettled disputes to his office. According to the divisional officer, this is an indication that Chief Mokosa and his fellow villagers have been satisfactorily serving their community without bias. Speaking to the thousands who turned out to witness the occasion, the Buea D.O stated that this was a good example he wished other communities could emulate.


The administrator congratulated Chief Mokosa but counselled him to continue working hand-in-gloves with his subjects as he has done for the past three years as chief-elect. He also reminded him of his responsibilities as a representative of the government at both levels.


Commenting to Fako News Centre at the end of the ceremony, Chief John Mokosa said that he expects corporation with his entire community so that they would identify and realise projects that would benefit the entire village. Chief Mokosa, who is also the Principal of Government Secondary School Womaka, prays that God should help his community realise any projects they would embark on.


His senior brother, Prince Emmanuel Mokosa who is a police inspector in Kumba, confirmed that Chief Mokosa is cool and has a listening ear. The police inspector maintained that though Chief Mokosa is his junior brother, he has leadership qualities and that is why he has been the acting family head since the death of their father. Adding his voice to that of his senior brother, Prince George Mokosa explained that his brother is a man of the people and that is why nobody has ever challenged him regarding the Gbwitingi chieftaincy..


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