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     By Cecilia Musaka in Limbe for Fako UK/Fako News Centre


       The Special Council Support Fund for Mutual Assistance, otherwise known by its French acronym as FEICOM celebrated its anniversary on Monday the 1st of December 2014 in Limbe at the Council Hall.
        This was an occasion for the management to observe a pause in their activities in order to evaluate the path which they have covered at the service of local development in Cameroon and projects in the future. The origin of FEICOM started way back 1974, as an executive management which was created by law NO74/23 of 5th December 1974 on Council Organization, for the interest of the state to support and equip the councils in Cameroon. This institution became operational three years later, following the signing of presidential decree NO77/85 of 22nd March 1977.

         The General Manager, Philippe Camille Akoa, stressed that the success story of the path covered by FEICOM is thanks first of all to the vision and will of the president of the Republic, Paul Biya, who restructured when he noticed FEICOM was not producing satisfactory results. This celebration was attended by all the mayors of the South West Region who also expressed their gratitude to FEICOM who gave them numerous financial aid and enormous support. Also in attendance were the SDO, Government Delegates of all the councils and the Secretary General of the South West Region. There was also an exhibition of their various projects carried out in the form of paintings. This anniversary ended with the staff and executive  of FEICOM promising to accomplish even greater achievements.

Below are some pictures of councils and council projects that were sponsored by FEICOM ;



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