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Fako Traditional Wrestling Finals: Buea Zone Steals the Show



Fako 2008 Traditional Wrestling Finals: Buea Zone Steals the Show


By Moki S. Mokondo and Thomson Findi  in Buea for Fako News Centre


Buea Zone wrestlers have won the 2008 edition of the Fako Traditional Wrestling finals. They won a total of thirteen bouts, had two ties and lost five, while their Limbe zone counterparts won only five bouts out of a total of twenty three. A bout was cancelled due to the poor behaviour of the wrestlers.


These FECA UK-sponsored finals took place at the Buea Town Green (Municipal Stadium) on 3 January , 2009, in the presence of Val Ndeley Molulu(President of FAKO UK), traditional chiefs and other dignitaries of Fako Division.  During the finals, wrestling champions from villages in Buea and Limbe subdivisions competed. At the end of the finals, the Buea zone that won the highest number of bouts took the trophy home with a cash prize . The losers, Limbe zone, also received a cash prize. There were many other prizes and awards to outstanding individuals.


Talking to the Limbe Team leader Samson Lifongo Monyongo at the end of the competition, he disclosed that their team had a poor performance due poor preparations. He explained that the wrestling culture is fading in their zone due to lack of sponsorship. According to Mr Monyongo, they are more focused on canoe racing, which is a regular sporting event in their zone. He also maintained that they where informed just about two days to the finals(the finals had been postponed from 27 Dec. to 3 January).


However, the Limbe Team leader called on the Fako Elements in Great Britain and the rest of the world to make traditional wrestling a regular event and make sure that all zones organise zonal competitions each season. He argues that if this is done, future finals would  be highly contested.


On his part, the traditional ruler of Likoko Membea in Bokwaongo, Buea, Chief Benard Fende Ngeke, said that traditional wrestling is a cultural sporting event that is expected to bring Fako sons and daughters to discover each other and make new friends out of their immediate communities. He maintained that in the days of old, young men and women who got married usually got their first meeting in wrestling grounds. He explained that many young girls fell in love with wrestlers due to their performances and many benefited from their talents in winning women’s affections.  

Chief Benard Fende Ngeke also added that wrestling competitions expose people to those of different communities. This is because wrestling contests were usually organised from one village to the other. They therefore created  avenues for socialising, he concluded.


At an evaluating assembly at the end of the contest, members of both zones including the Chiefs all prayed that the Fako Elements  transform this event to a cultural festival. They have proposed that a cultural festival to display other Bakweri cultural values be included for next edition. However, responding to their wish, the Chairman of Fako Elements Cultural Association in UK, Mola Ndeley Molulu, told them that he would take the message to other members back in Great Britain.


If all moves well,  lovers of the Bakweri culture would by the end of 2009 have a long weekend of activities. Fako News Centre has been tipped that activities in the next edition would include a fashion parade, a beauty contest, singing and choral competition, champ-champ dance, maleh, dance, Motio, chacha dance, wrestling competitions etc.


At the end of the wrestling finals, this was how the individual bouts were recorded :



Buea Zone      Remarks         Limbe Zone   


Makoko Emmanuel     lost    to                         Yesu                          

Johnson Luma             beat                          John Njoje                 

Kum Cyril                   beat                           Elias Essingila          

Henry Moki                 beat                          Edward Ikome          

Esembe Jacob             drew with                 Simon Njonjo   

Eugene Lifambe          drew with                  Ngollo Gabriel

Andreas Likafi            beat                           Peter Ndeka Moki      

Monono Joka             lost to                            Elias Essingila            

Njie Martin                 beat                           Ekoka Mbongo           

Gabriel Moleka         cancelled due to bad behaviour  John Eko                  

Abel Moseke              beat                         Thomas Motande        

Okia Godwin               lost to                            Emmanuel Motulu      

Noah Nganje               beat                          Simon Keka                

Henry Moki                lost to                           Emmanel Motale        

Tieko Michel              beat                           Ngomba Fritz              

Lima Yanick              beat                           Ndumbe James           

Fidelis Lima               beat                          John Eko                      

Mbonde Samuel         beat                         Thomas Motande        

Daniel Elinge             beat                          Francis Wose              

Mokake Joseph         beat                          Joseph Likute            

Njoh Isaac                not recorded              Ewoke George          

Ngomba Ralph           lost to                         Emmanuel Motulu       



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