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      By Moki Stephen Mokondo in Limbe for Fako UK/ Fako News Centre

          17 May 2010


 ‘Brainbox’ Veronica Ebenye Njie, a Lower Sixth Student of Saker Baptist College Limbe, was honoured with an award of 100,000 frs CFA (one hundred thousand frs CFA) by FAKO UK for emerging as the Highest Bakweri Achiever in Cameroon in last year’s GCE Ordinary Level examination. She passed in eleven subjects with grades 9A, 1B, 1C as follows: Biology-‘A’, Human Biology-‘A’, Chemistry-‘A’

Physics-‘A’, Mathematics-‘A’, History-‘A’, Geography-‘A’, Economics-‘A’, Religion-‘A’, English-B and French-C. Her results brought so much joy to all Bakwerians of goodwill.


Veronica Njie received the award at the Annual Award Ceremony at Saker Baptist College on Saturday the 15th of May 2010. She also shared the ‘Maloke Efimba

 Scholarship’ worth CFA FRS 250,000 with another Bakwerian Mary Kombe, which is expected to cover part of their school fees for next year. Veronica made it triple when she was  winner of the lower sixth Biology prize. Talking to Fako News Centre, she explained that she lacked words to express her joy for the Bakweri community in Great Britain and the Efimba/Efange family for recognising her efforts and honouring her with awards. She added that she hopes to bring more joy to the entire Bakweri tribe when she takes the GCE ‘A’ Level examination next year. She was optimistic  that she would make another top GCE result come June 2011. 


Other Bakweri students who received prizes in Upper Sixth forms were Dora Meoto  who received second prizes for Economics and Geography;  Yoti Lyonga  received Mr. Kwai’s Award for Sanitation Prefects; Limunga Monono was awarded the Chaplaincy Prize for the Religion Prefects , First Prize for Overall Average for Arts, Second Prize for History, and the Award for the Best All-round student.


 In form five, Beloe Motomby received First Prize for Food and Nutrition. In form four,  Joan Embola  mounted the stage five times to receive prizes for Best Overall Average, First Prizes for Chemistry, Geography, Physics and best All-round student. Vanessa Ngale took the First Prize for History in Form Three. Whereas in Forms Two, it was Cynthia Fonderson  who took First Prize for Physics, Second for Overall Average and an Equal First Prize for Biology.


In  Form One, Vanessa Elive  received an Equal First Prize for Physics, while Limunga Ikoso got a double. Miss Ikoso was awarded First Prizes for Food and Nutrition and Religious studies. Fabiola Muambo, a very promising student,  was  awarded First Prizes for Overall Average, Chemistry, English Language, History, Mathematics, and equal First Prize in Physics and an Award for the Best All-round student in Form One.



According to many Bakwerians in Fako division, Mr Paul Haddison Luma was the Bakwerian of the year 2009, for his services to education: throughout his career as a teacher, Vice Principal and Principal of two of the best schools in Anglophone Cameroon at Baptist High School Buea and Saker Baptist College Limbe, he distinguished himself as one of the greatest educators and school administrators in Cameroon. His record speaks for itself.  Under him, Saker Baptist College had their best ever results in 2009, out-performing all the schools in the South West in almost every subject especially in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English Language, academically suffocating their great rivals like Sasse College, Baptist High School Buea, Bishop Rogan College, GBHS Tiko, GHS Limbe, Bilingual Grammar School Buea and the young Presbyterian Secondary Schools in Fako division.


It came as no surprise to many people when the Baptist Mission in Anglophone Cameroon made Mr Luma their Education Secretary for the South West and North West Regions in December 2009, although he still remains Saker principal till the end of this academic year when a new principal will be appointed. The post of Baptist Education Secretary is very demanding: he is responsible for appointing teachers in nursery, primary and secondary schools; he plays a leading role in appointing Headteachers, Vice Principals and Principals; he is incharge of school assessments with respect to the quality of teaching and learning, the well-being of students and staff, financial matters etc etc. 



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