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                                IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO YOU ALL

Ministerial Order Regarding Lands in Fako Division

If you are a native of Fako Division or live in Fako Division or intend to live in Fako Division or have relatives and friends living in Fako Division, you MUST read this.

If you are one of those (fako natives or non fako natives) who has bought any piece of land that was part of land surrendered to villages in Fako Division by the CDC, pause for a moment and take the following actions;


a)   Read through the ministerial order regarding Fako lands, especially pages 5 and 6.

b)  Look for your land certificate and all the witnesses that signed the land certificate with you.

c)    Look for a lawyer and the person(s) who sold you the land (if the person is dead, contact his/her relatives). Ask your lawyer to write to the person who sold you the land, pointing out that there is a likelihood that there would be a court case regarding the land that was sold to you. Let your lawyer also contact the Divisional Officer and the head of Human Rights in Fako Division for advice.

d)  Start saving some money for any court case that might arise. Remember; court cases can damage your health and finances.

e)   Always listen to the radio and read reputable English language newspapers and visit this website for the latest developments.




















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