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    FAKO AMERICA CONVENTION, 25-27 June 2010




        President: Moluwa Matute-Arkansas

       Vice President: Nalova Ako-egbe nee Malange-Georgia

       Secretary: Molonga Lyonga-Texas

       Treasurer: Ndiva Ndely-Minnesota

       Financial Secretary: Emelda Longonje-Texas

       Director of Communications: Monono Forseh-Georgia

       Director of Culture: Amisa Njomoh Asima- Maryland

       Historian: Jimmy Jackai-Texas



 Acknowledgements by Mola Moluwa Matute, Fako America president

a.        Mola Dr. Henri Njie and his entire executive for their appreciated services for the last two years and for having organized a wonderful and successful Fako America 2010 Convention. We also note with appreciation that his efforts have led to Fako America being one step closer to obtaining tax exempt status.

b.       Fako Dallas and the entire Texas community for organizing and hosting a very successful and enjoyable convention. The accommodation, the hall for the cultural activities; business meeting and gala and not forgetting the wonderful cuisine which was aplenty. We will not hesitate to come back in the near future.

c.        Mola Dr. Samuel Ewusi Kale for his upbeat and challenging Keynote address to the convention which dwelt on the unity of purpose of Fakolanders or the Greater Bakweri People. All the way from South Africa, we did very much appreciate your time and the challenges of your message post convention.

d.       Sammy Diko: the renowned youthful Greater Mokpe Artist or Douala Artist for spicing the gala soiree with his ‘synergist’ music brand, which kept happy fans on their feet.

e.       Our Invited Guests: That you were able to honour our invitation made us very proud. That you contributed generously to Fako America was much appreciated. We hope that you too will be happy when we use your donations towards the realization of FA Projects in the nearest future.

f.         General Assembly/Convention: You did it again as you have done for the past 20 years or thereabouts, making it an annual rendez-vous with your families. Your very presence meant one thing only-despite our differences; we all still cherish FA and are willing to weather-it-out in good or in bad times. The dignified manner, in which you all carried yourself, ensured the memorable nature of the last convention. On behalf of the new Executive, thanks for your confidence in us as we look forward to your evaluation of our stewardship in future. We are counting on your support and we need it.



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