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2018 Annual Report of Activities 

The Fako Foundation Incorporated, has a Three-Front Mission
 Promoting Educational Excellence and Supporting Scholarly Efforts
 Promoting and Preserving the Fako (Mokpwe) Culture, and 
 Supporting and Sustaining Healthcare 

In 2018, the following were accomplished under their respective categories:

1. Education
 Our Scholarship Program for Fako Students in Tertiary Institutions and our Academic Financial Assistance Program for Pupils at the Primary, Secondary, and High School levels (Preparatory Levels of Education), remain suspended, because of the ongoing problematic situation in Fakoland, with its adverse effects on Education.

 Biology Exhibition: The Fako Foundation in partnership with the University of Arkansas-Pulaski Tech College, organized a Biology Exhibition at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School (North Little Rock). The exhibition had two main goals: 

- The Exhibition was for Middle School Pupils: the goal was to expose, stimulate, and create interest in the Biological and Medical Sciences, with the associated futuristic career opportunities.

- The College Students selected to participate as Co-Exhibitors, were African-Americans, enrolled in the College’s Biology Program. The Exhibition was held during the ‘Black History Month’ and the students represent a population that is a minority in the sciences. This was a case of African-American Students being, Science Exhibitors in an almost exclusively Caucasian school. It was an opportunity for the student exhibitors, to be center at an aspect of a career opportunity in Biology.

2. Culture
 BALALIA: BALALIA is the Bakweri Language and Literacy Association, headquartered in Gbwea(Buea). They are an Association with very ambitious goals, and their founding and operation is a blessing to the Mot’aMokpwe (the Bakweris). Currently, BALALIA is engaged in developing the Mokpwe Alphabet, the Mokpe(Mokpwe) grammar, and translating certain books of the Holy Bible.

 Donation to BALALIA: A challenge of BALALIA is finances to carry out their projects and unfortunately, the association also suffered a fire, that destroyed aspects of their building, and other materials that were crucial in the accomplishment of their mission. The Fako Foundation made a financial donation to BALALIA, specifically for efforts geared towards the translation of certain books of the Holy Bible to the Mokpwe Language.

3. Healthcare
 Internally Displaced Persons(IDP): Due to the ongoing problems in Fakoland, that have resulted in untold misery and deaths, the unfortunate situation has also created a huge problem in the form of Internally Displaced Persons. To assist with some basic health and hygienic needs, eight (8) IDPs families associated with the Salem Baptist Church, Mile 16, Buea, Vakoland, were recipients of cash envelopes, according to their needs, as determined. This service to the IDP families, were accomplished with the Coordination ofSzrango Rev. Hansen NafendaEKwe, the Pastor of the Church. For security reasons, the assistance event took place at the Gethsemane Baptist Church in BokokoBoduma, Buea, Pastored by Szrango Rev. Benjamin LyongaMonyonge.

 Great Soppo/WonyaMongoh Integrated Health Center: This is a relatively new healthcare center that is crucial in the provision of primary healthcare to the local population yet, lacking in full operational capacity and the attendant benefits that would have accrued to its dependent population. The Fako Foundation, through its Director of Projects (DOP) for Fakoland, contacted the Chief of this health center and offered the Foundation’s assistance. Based on the list of needs provided by the center, the foundation was able to provide the following:

- Outpatient sitting benches
- In-patient beds
- Mattresses
- Bed sheets
- Pillows and pillow cases
The full and detailed reports for each of the above accomplished projects can be found on our website: www.fakofoundation.org. The uploads include relevant pictures and videos.

As the Fako Foundation looks forward to another year of service to the people of Fakoland, the Wakpwes, and other communities, my gratitude and acknowledgement goes to the following pillars of the Foundation:

Szrango Dr. Samuel BelshamMoki, Maryland
HRH Chief Dr. Augustine EvellaKange, Minnesota
Szrango Samuel MokaMoliki, Georgia
Nyango Pauline LienguLitumbe-Hill, Missouri
NyangoEmbelleLitumbe, Florida
Nyango Mariana Mojoko Matute, Arkansas
Szrango George Ndiv’aLisinge, Fakoland
Szrango Dr. Martin Moluwa Matute, Arkansas

This Foundation depends on their generosity, support, and time, and for that, they are greatly appreciated.

Click here for the link to the full report including pictures and videos. 

EyolenaWakpwe (peace be with the Fakolanders)

M. M. Matute, Ph.D.
President, the Fako Foundation Incorporated

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