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Bakweri Language and Literacy Association 

(BALALIA) Gets Fako Foundation Financial Support

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea

Members of the Bakweri Language and Literacy Association (BALALIA) now have a sigh of relief after receiving financial support from a US based organization composed of Fakoland indigenes residing in the USA called Fako Foundation, Incorporated (USA).

The sum of FCFA 300,000 was handed to the Programmes Coordinator, Rev. Eyole Genty Njie Ndeley and other members present on Tuesday June 26, 2018 at the Bakweri Language and Linguistic Centre located at the Former CDC Molyko Driver’s Quarter in Buea.

While presenting the financial support to BALALIA, Mola Ndiv’a Lisinge (the Foundation’s Project Director in Cameroon) read a message of encouragement from Mola Moluwa Matute (the President of the Fako Foundation), in which members of the Fako Foundation expressed their joy for work done to develop the Mòkpè (Bakweri) alphabet which has resulted to the active teaching of the Mòkpè language and the translation of some Books of the Holy Bible into the Mòkpè language.

In the message, Fako Foundation members also voiced their pleasure to be part of the unfolding history and hope their modest contribution to the Holy Bible translation project will help bring the word of God closer to the Wakpwes who are a chosen people in this Evangelistic mission. The Fako Foundation message included a socio-cultural and historical profile of the diverse and monolithic nature of the Mokpwes, as it pertains to their spiritual life.

On his part, the Programme Coordinator, Rev. Eyole Genty Ndeley, lauded the gesture and promised that their association will render accounts of the financial support received. He noted that while translating the Holy Bible into the Mòkpè language, they are also making efforts to teach the language so that the translated work will have readers.

According to the Holy Pastor, it will be useless to translate the Holy Bible into Mòkpè without a readership. For this reason, they have created special classes within some neighbourhoods and villages where teachers will be introducing learners to the Mòkpè Alphabet and eventually train them on how to read and write in the Mòkpè language. He went further to state that they have come out with diaries and alphabet charts in Mòkpè to facilitate the learning of the language.

Since its creation, the Fako Foundation has sponsored some projects back at home. First it was a special free health clinic in Wokwaongo (Bokwaongo), then academic financial assistance to needy students https://www.fakonewscentre.com/fakofoundation1.htm, followed by scholarships to deserving students at all levels of studies and then academic financial assistance to needy students https://www.fakonewscentre.com/2016fakofoundation.htm. The foundation’s academic projects have slowed down due to the current situation in Fakoland.