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Free Health Care goes to Great Soppo Community 

By Enjema Stone in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

The Great Soppo Integrated Health Centre in Buea was on Saturday September 1,
2018 jammed to capacity with patients from various neighbourhoods within the
Buea Municipality who turned out for a free health fair.

The free health fair that ran from 9:00am to 2:00pm was sponsored by Iya Sophie Efosi Ngongi in collaboration with the children of Late Eya Beatrice Enanga Litumbe and Chief of Centre Ms Vera Dinga. Over 300 participants were screened for Malaria, HIV, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and other general consultations by a team of medical doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians.

One of the patients who took advantage of this free health fair, as an important step
towards maintaining good health, Loveline Ndongo, told Fako News Centre that in
addition to the free screening, she also received some free medications. Another
patient, Mama Rheema, thanked the organisers for the opportunity given to know
her health status. She noted that it is often expensive to conduct some of these
medical examinations in the hospitals.

Talking to Fako News Centre, the ground supervisor of the event Ms Esther Ashu
(Director of Community Education Centre, Bonduma) stated, this project was a
good example of how people can use the charity concept to benefit their

Ms Ashu noted that many people are sick but do not have money to
go to hospital. However, people can better manage their health situation if they are
aware of their status through free checks. She also added a similar health fair was
organised in Wokwaongo (Bokwaongo) on March 17, 201 that benefited another
200 plus people https://www.fakonewscentre.com/eya-enanga-litumbe.

The fair that took place in Great Soppo began with American style breakfast of waffles and hot chocolate and concluded with light lunch of kwacoco bible and stew for all volunteers.

At the end of the free health care, Iya Enanga Litumbe thanked all who made the event a success through their various contributions, especially to the sponsor, Iya Sophie Efosi Ngongi for this outreach to her community.