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Bakweri Youth Association (BAYA) Members 

Register First Wedding Amongst Group Members

By Moki Stephen Mokondo for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Members of one of the most powerful Bakweri youth forum called Bakweri Youths Association (BAYA) have gladly celebrated the first wedding between two of their members. Members of the association joined their members, Efome Ferdinard Motutu and Victoria Enanga Vefonge and their family on November 24, 2018 to celebrate the civil and traditional marriage that took place in Great Soppo Buea.

The wedding that was characterised by the performance of typical Bakweri traditional rights and display of cultural values was heavily attended by BAYA (Bakweri Youth Association) members, friends, relatives, former classmates, colleagues and neighbours to the couples and their relatives.

The President of BAYA, Mola Ngale Maenya, told Fako News Centre that he was feeling fulfilled that their group was celebrating the weeding of two of their members during his mandate. He explained that this was the first wedding between their group members, a spirit he will like to encourage.

According to him, this is another way of preserving the ethnic group and its values. He however prayed that the union should be a model for other group members and Bakweri youths to follow suit.

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