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Ghastly Road Accident; 18 Dead along Ekona-

Muyuka Highway

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

There has been total wailing and gnashing of teeth in the town of Buea and surrounding villages this Saturday 19 August, 2017, after a truck crushed a bus transporting members of a Bakweri Choral group to death. The accident that took place at about 5:30am on the Mile two-nine hill situated between Ekona Mbenge and Muyuka left many of the victims mutilated beyond recognition.
Sixteen members of the Molyko-Buea based Choral group called Wana wa Wonja, their driver and the truck driver all died on the spot with only the assistant to the truck driver who survived and is responding to treatment in hospital.

This choral group was returning from Muyuka after spending the night participating in a funeral service. They were caught in this calamity when they met face-to-face with a truck that had left its side of the road and crushed them while descending the Mile 29 hill.

Reporting live from the scene, Senior CRTV reporter David Mbua Evelle disclosed that the truck rammed the bus and crushed it over a distance of about 10 metres from the point of impact before stopping. This explains why the corpses were disfigured to the extent that some of them could not be kept in the mortuary.
One of the victims in this accident is Esuka Freddy from Bova.
While administrative officials, families and sympathisers were struggling to identify and recover the dead bodies, others were busy looting from the truck.

Names of Victims

 Drivers: (Men)
1. Eseye Manase Monica (Driver of the bus)
2. Tendonfouet Stephane (Driver of the truck)

Members of Traditional Choral Group:
3. Kotti Hannah Joso
4. Esikise Ndolo Velda
5. Elinge Emilia Efeti
6. Frida Mojoko Etonge
7. Nalova Catherine

8. Kinge Emmanuel Mbake
9. Lyombe Esuka Ferdinan
10. Clovis Womba Efange
11. Ikome Jackson Bwanga
12. Esuka Mathias Vefonge
13. Njuma David Moki
14. Meyou Edwige Aimee
15. Ekema Berkley Ekimea
16. Ngassa Lucas Njiki
17. Elvis Ilome

1. Emmanuel Mwambo Ndike (Member of Choral Group)
2. Njomo Rodrigue (Assistant to driver of the truck)