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Buea Based “Prophet” falls into Police Dragnet

By Moki Stephen Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
17th February 2016

A self proclaimed prophet in Muea-Buea known as Divine C. Okafor is being investigated at the Central Service of the Judicial Police, Buea, for alleged repeated sexual harassment, extortion and for running a church without legal documents.
The said prophet fell into the dragnet of the police after some women aged 18 to 27 filed repeated complaints to officials of the Cameroon National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in Buea against the prophet. 
Working with Buea State Counsel and the forces of law and order, investigations were opened and the arrest of the prophet for questioning ordered. Fako News Centre learned he was granted bail on Tuesday February 16, 2016, but later rearrested on instruction by the State Counsel of the South West Court of Appeal for investigation to continue.
An official at the Cameroon National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in Buea, Mathias Ekeke, spoke on radio that from investigations, the victims of Divine C. Okafor are young men and women looking for jobs. According to him, the prophet took advantage of their state of mind to force them into sex and also to extort money from them. Mr. Ekeke however wishes for a prompt hearing of the matter to begin. 
The Secretary of the South West office of National Commission for Human Rights and Freedoms in Buea, Christopher Tambe Tiku, has told the press that since the arrest of the prophet on Monday February 15, 2016, many young victims have opened up and are filing complaints against the “prophet”.
The complaints range from sexual harassment to forceful sexual intercourse with victims including even minors he gives conditional threats. Another couple has also complained of the “prophet’s” extortionist tricks.

“Prophet” Divine C. Okafor, of Nigerian parents, was born in Kumba. He runs a ministry called Life Transformer Ministry International based in Muea, Buea Subdivision. The ministry also operates a TV station where testimonies of his miracles are given.
Though faced with these allegations, some of his followers have rubbished the allegations against their master, describing them as a test of faith. They have been laying vigil praying for God’s intervention into the matter.

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