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Dr David Njie Makongo Of The USA Awards Scholarships

To Twenty Buea University Students From The

 BONAVADA Group of Villages In Buea

By Ferdinand Efome in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Some twenty students from the BONAVADA area studying in the University of Buea Cameroon have received a back-to-school package from one of their brothers in the United States of America, Dr David Njie Makongo (Ph.D.).  The package that came in the form financial support (50,000 frs per student) is to enable the students pay their registration fees next academic year into the University of Buea.

The elder brother to Mola David Makongo, Dr. Kinge Makongoh, handed over the sum of CFA 50,000 FRS to each laureate on Friday, August 24, 2012, at the premises of Fako Community Radio, Wonakanda Village. Transmitting the donor’s message to the laureates, Dr. Makongoh encouraged them to be committed and hardworking. He told them to develop the spirit of sharing so that they can also lend their support to others in future as their donor.


The beneficiaries who were selected from BONAVADA villages along with their parents expressed their gratitude and wished Mola David Makongoh a successful career. The parents explained that such a gesture is to teach the younger ones that they do not only belong to their parents but to the BONAVADA community as a whole. They cautioned them to make Mola David Makongo proud by having good results.
David Njie Makongo hails from Wova village and has always shown his commitments to the BONAVADA Community through donations and support in the domains of sports, education and culture.


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