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BAYA President gets Wana Wa Phako Global Bakweri Man 2017 Award

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Mola Ngale Maenye has confirmed the receipt of the sum of FCFA 100,000 for winning “Wana Wa Phako Global Bakweri Man of the Year 2017” award. This money was handed to him recently after the head of the award committee, Mola Henri Walla, announced him 2017 winner of the award.

The donor, Dr. Fred Kemah aka Papa Fred of London, has been hailed for making the money available to the benefactor. A member of the Fako community based in Cameroon, Mbua Emmanuel, says this award shall spur other indigenes in Fako Division to work hard for the development of the community.

Mola Maenye who received this award is currently heading one of the most powerful Bakweri youth forum called Bakweri Youths Association (BAYA). The youth movement that was born in 2015 has as goal to rebuild the Bakweri clan from the grassroots.

Under the leadership of Mola Maenye, many Bakweri youths have been exposed to learning lost cultural values like the Mokpwe Language and other traditional values that distinguish the Bakweri people from others. They also frequently organise Folklore events to display different cultural values.

To economically empower the Bakweri youths, Mola Meanye and his team also regularly invite experts to train members on how to start and run small businesses on their own. BAYA has also played a very important role in instilling the habit of members participating during community clean up campaigns.

Upon receiving the cash award, Mola Maenye told Fako News Centre that he was overwhelmed with joy especially for having the privilege to be selected amongst thousands of young Bakweri men and women who are very powerful. He however noted that this money will assist him finance some of the activities of their association that needs funding.

He thanked the donor and members of the committee that evaluated and selected him as the winner. Mola Maenye is currently a PhD student in Political Economy, University of Buea.