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EFASO, Partners Sensitize and Support 

Communities fight COVID19 Health Crisis

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako News Centre

The impact of the COVID19 pandemic in the world is not only gaining intentional and national response to kick off the infection, but also from some grassroot organisations in the country. In response to joining forces in the fight against this pandemic, the Efange Solidarity Foundation (EFASO) and partners were on 21 May, 2020, in the villages of Ewonda, Bova I and Bova II to sensitise and enlighten the population on preventive measures to ensure the protection of individuals, families and community members against this global health threat. 

The team that was headed by Dr Dorothy Limunga Efange epse Njeuma donated hundreds of face masks, hand sanitisers, cartoons of soaps, buckets, hand washing tanks, and disinfectants to the villages and to three schools to support them practise good hygiene. 
While reminding the population that there is no cure to the infection, Dr Mrs Njeuma cautioned them to take government measures put in place seriously to avoid the spread of the virus. She however, added that this project was supported by the Minister of Secondary Education, Dr Nalova Lyonga, who provided the hand sanitisers meant for students and pupils who will soon resume school. 

The Director of the Buea Regional Hospital, Dr. Martin Mokake, explained to the population the modes of transmission, preventive measures and what to do when an individual experiences the symptoms of the virus.

In response to questions whether denizens could rely on herbal treatment to cure the disease, Dr. Mokake replied that though scientists are still to come out with an established treatment for the virus, they cannot stop people from taking herbal treatment as a means to fight the disease. He however cautioned that, they should continue to wear face masks, avoid crowds, wash their hands regularly and respect other preventive measures prescribed by government. The traditional leaders and inhabitants of these villages in response welcomed their initiatives and thanked them for not only providing items to fight the disease, but food stuff inclusive.