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CHURCHILL EWUMBUE MONONO LAUNCHES BOOK IN BUEA TITLED '‘Buea, Capital of the Cameroons: Symbol of the Nation and Reunification’

Churchill Monono’s Book Reveals why Buea was chosen for the Celebration of the Re-unification Anniversary of Cameroon

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for FakoUK /Fako News Centre

The book, ‘Buea, Capital of the Cameroons: Symbol of the Nation and Reunification’, by Churchill Ewumbue¬¬ Monono, has been described as a well researched piece of work. Renowned Professor of History, Prof. Victor Julius Ngoh, made this statement while making a review of the book on Friday May 7, 2016, at the Buea Council Hall during the book launch.
The reviewer disclosed that the author used his primary, secondary and tertiary sources very well while avoiding his emotions and sentiments. Professor Ngoh added that the book has at least 63 photographs which are loaded with events and information with at least 11 tables for analytical discursions of the content.
In his review, the seasoned Professor of History noted that this book explains why Buea was chosen for the celebration of the re-unification anniversary of Cameroon. According to Prof. Ngoh, this book also brings out the origin of the indigenous population of Buea and reasons why the Germans who first colonised Cameroon chose Buea for their capital among others.
While presenting the profile of the author, a celebrated journalist in the English part of Cameroon, Charly Ndi Chia, started by disclosing his first interaction with Churchill Ewumbue-Monono. He explained that the first time he came in contact with the author was far back in the 80s when the said author was still a student in CCAST Bambili. As a student still in secondary school, Churchill did a news story which he published in the then Cameroon Post as editor.
After stating that the author has a Bachelor in Journalism, a Masters and PhD in International Relation respectively, Mr. Chia went further to list a series of other certificates the author has been awarded at home and abroad.
Among the questions that were raised during discussions, a barrister at law, Ashu Tangtang asked a question that set the hall into vibrations. He wanted to know how come the Buea Mountain is now referred to as Mount Cameroon today even in official documents.
He explained that as a child born in Buea, he grew to know that the mountain was Buea Mountain just as we have the Buea Mountain Hotel and the Buea Mountain Club. He added that even in the second verse of the Cameroon’s National Anthem, the mountain is referred to as the Buea Mountain. However, the book reviewer, Prof. Ngoh, referred him to page three of the book if he bought a copy.
Other participants during the discussion praised the author for placing Buea on the Cameroon map. They remarked that Buea has been hub of many political, social and economic events that have led to the development of the country.
The chief launcher of the book, CEO of ACMAR Media Group, Douala, Bony Daschaco opened the Book Launch Sales with FCFA 1,000,000. This was followed by other launchers, some disclosing their amounts and other choosing not to.









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