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By Peterkins Tengileli Elive in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre  

     26 February 2012




Small Soppo Buea, was on Saturday 25 February 2012 the venue of one of the most colourful, sophisticated, thrilling and expensive coronations ever witnessed in Cameroon. It was the enthronement of  Humphrey Tande Mosenge as Chief of Small Soppo Wonganga to fill the chieftaincy stool that had remained vacant since the death of Chief Peter Moki Efange in 2006.
         It was a crowd-pulling event attended by traditional rulers of Fako Division led by the Paramount Chief of Buea His Royal Highness Retired Chief -Justice Samuel Moka Endeley, Chiefs from Douala and other parts of Littoral Region, Fon  Ganyongha III of Bali Nyonga, Fon Abumbi II of Bafut, Paramount Chief  Nfon Victor E. Mukete of Kumba, political and administrative leaders and people from all walks of life.



        The Divisional Officer for Buea Mr Abraham Chekem who presided over the administrative installation before the chiefs performed the traditional rights, exhorted Chief Mosenge to promote peace, security, justice, unity and cleanliness in his chiefdom. The D.O. also called on the people of Small Soppo Wonganga to give their chief maximum support in the discharge of his duties.
         Fon Ganyongha  III presented Chief Mosenge with a stool and staff as a symbol of wisdom and authority.



         Earlier, the chairman of the coronation organising committee Dr George Mafany Teke, while welcoming guests, paid homage to the founding fathers of Small Soppo, the three brothers Nganga Mokake, Teke Mokake and Wille Mokake, whose procreation brought about the villages of Wonganga, Woteke and Wovilla. Dr Mafany Teke exalted the greatness of Small Soppo and its people who have distinguished themselves administratively, politically, economically and socially.



        A day before the coronation, Chief Mosenge who is well known for his kindness and generosity, made charitable donations of food, money and other items to patients of the Buea Regional Hospital and inmates of the Buea Central Prison.  
         His generosity was also felt in all nooks and crannies of Small Soppo as each village and hamlet received a cow and roughly sixty thousand francs in cash for food. Drinks were also provided during the reception.
     Cultural animation came from nganya, chacha, Mrs Ophelia Efange’s Bakweri songs, Wimbum dance group and ''Zangaliwa Big Belle Ngale Women'' of Long Street.



       Sunday 26 February, was dedicated to a thanksgiving service at Presbyterian Church, Wonganga.
       Chief Mosenge studied in the Cameroon Baptist Mission School Great Soppo, Buea, Presbyterian Secondary School Kumba and the Cameroon College of Arts Science and Technology (CCAST) Bambili, before proceeding to USA where he earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).  He is founder and General Manager of Mount Fako Insurance Brokers with headquarters in Douala. He is married with children.




         Millions of Cameroonians know Chief Mosenge as a star footballer in his youth. He played extraordinary football with Prisons Buea in the 1970s and also excelled in athletics both in Cameroon and America.
          Chief Mosenge’s agility, robustness, charisma, dynamism, enlightenment and concern for his people, will bring development not only to Small Soppo Wonganga, but to all Bakweri people.












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