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Chief David Ikome Molinge, Chief of Muea and

President of Fako Chiefs’ Conference, Calls on

the Cameroon government to review the status of

chiefs throughout Cameroon.


   By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

                           8th March 2010

The winner of the Guardian Post 2009 Achievement Award for Outstanding Accomplishment as Traditional Ruler, Chief David Molinge, has urged the Cameroon government to review the status of chiefs, irrespective of their class. HRH Chief Molinge has pointed out that chiefs are auxiliaries of the administration who serve as civil status registers, a duty which can lead them to prison if poorly performed.

According to Chief Molinge, the state should recognise the services of traditional leaders as agents of development and peace at the grass-roots. He called on the government to refer to how chiefs are treated in other African states and emulate the good examples. The traditional ruler disclosed that they have information that some first and second class chiefs in the Centre province and some Lamidos (traditional chiefs) in the northern regions get allowances from the government.

Chief Molinge decried the attitude of discrimination by government, explaining that all chiefs perform the same duties, which is leaving some poor chiefs downtrodden. He added that since chieftaincy goes by hereditary, some less educated and jobless chiefs have inherited thrones with poverty. According to him, some of these chiefs used to earn their living through hunting and farming.  Due to their present status as chiefs, they have less time to spend on their farms and hunting because they have to assist the administration to govern their communities. For these reasons, they now find themselves living in abject poverty and thus need the government to support them financially.  

The Royal Father has disclosed that some of the subjects attack chiefs while trying to implement governments policies. These exposes all chiefs to potential threats  from the public and thus need to be compensated for the risks they are exposed to, he explained. For the chiefs to be respected, they need to be empowered financially so that they can live a  normal life.

Chief Molinge has promised to always fight for the improvement of living conditions of Cameroon chiefs and fako communities, and fight against discrimination. As president of the Fako Chiefs Conference, he fought against tribalism and discrimination in the recruitment at the nations lone oil refinery, SONARA in Limbe. He is also encouraging parents to send their children to school and eradicate child labour in his chiefdom. Since his enthronement some two decades ago, he has transformed Muea into an emerging business centre in Fako Division with a chain of businesses he personally runs. He owns the King David's Square Hotel and other business services. He recently inaugurated a new Chief's Palace for Muea, a building which stands out to be an exceptional architectural piece in Fako. If the best Building in a nation is the Presidency, then the best building in a town or village, should be the chief's palace.  



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