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Cameroon News Summary

National Briefs: Cameroon


By Francis Kaisa in Buea for Fako UK /Fako  News Centre


Ritual Killing Takes Life of Mother and Child
A hungry dog has uncovered corpses of a mother and her baby from a shallow grave in Maroua, the Far North Region of Cameroon. This happened on Thursday June 25, 2009. Their corpses were found without the hearts, liver and sex organs.
According to reports, they were stabbed several times before the act of removing their organs was carried out. It is believed that ritual killers could have committed the act before burying them in this shallow grave in haste. However, police have launched a man-hunt to catch the culprits.

Armed Bandit Nabbed
Still in Maroua, police have nabbed a notorious armed bandit with some members of his gang. The gang leader, whose name was reported on national radio, CRTV, as Baba Aba, was trapped  after one of his attacks where his gang made away with jewelleries and money belonging to resident of a neighbourhood in Maroua.
Baba is reported to have escaped recently from police sight in Yaounde. Before his narrow escape to Maroua, he received a police bullet in his right leg.


Douala: Jeep Falls into Wouri River

Traffic was interrupted on the Wouri Bridge, Douala, for more than six hours on Thursday June 25, 2009, after a Toyota Jeep fell into the river. The lone occupant, whose name we got as Wamba, was already dead before divers could pull out the car from the river.
Circumstances surrounding  the incident are yet to be understood, given that the bridge has just been repaired to ensure security of road users. The car that was heading from Douala City Centre fell off the bridge about a hundred and fifty metres from Bonaberi. However, rumours hold it that it could have been a suicide act. This is the second car falling into the river after repairs of the bridge last year. Divers also recently saved a young lady from drowning in this river in a suicide act. This lady packed her jeep, then dived into River Wouri to take away her own life.
In the process of pulling the car out of the river on Thursday June 25, 2009, traffic had to be interrupted for hours. Many travellers were trapped on both sides of the bridge. There has been a general cry for an alternative bridge to be constructed across the Wouri River to facilitate movement.



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