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Cameroon Gendarmes Gun Down Four Armed Bandits
By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea, for Fako News Centre

     Four armed bandits are now resting in pieces after elements of the Cameroon National Gendarmarie Force in the Central Province gunned them down. They were shot  in a village around Nanga-Eboko in the Upper-Sanaga division in the Central Province of Cameroon on
Tuesday 11 November , 2008.
    According to reports, these thieves have been attacking highway transport vehicles and doing away with money and other items belonging to road users. In their last operation, they came to the end of their road when members of the Gendamarie Force intercepted them as they(the armed robbers) were waiting in ambush to lunch an attack against a transport vehicle. During an exchange of fire between the elements of the National Gendamarie and the armed rubbers, four  were shot dead while three were reported to have narrowly escaped.
However, it is reported that some villagers there had earlier tipped the forces of law and order about the armed rubbers’ plan to launch an attack on highway transport vehicles, an  act which has become  very common. The gendarmes, made up of four males an three females, recently presented the corps of the bandits to the public on national television channels. They have promised to track down the escapees and are sending a warning to others who are still nursing their own plans.

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