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By Augustus Mangande in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

An impostor who sat the entrance exam into the Higher Technical Teachers Training College (HTTTC), Kumba, for a girl, is now making useful statements to the Buea Police in connection with examination misconduct.
The exam fixer whose name we got as Salitsa Germain Edouard, was arrested at the Dorothy Limunga Njeuma Amphitheatre of the University of Buea on the 6th of December 2014, Buea Centre.
He was picked up for allegedly sitting the entrance exam for a certain candidate, Maanyi Fanny Christelle. An invigilator at the University of Buea campus where the exam was taking place realised that Silitsa’s ID card bore a female name whereas he was male. He (invigilator) also realised that the suspect wrote the name, Maanyi Fanny Christelle, on the exam booklet. 
The invigilator then called the attention of the University of Buea authorities who stepped in to interrogate the suspect. The campus police later bundled him up and led him to the Buea central police station when he started babbling.

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