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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
14 June 2014

For close to one year now the authorities of the University of Buea have barred township taxis from circulating on the school campus. The university authorities barred taxi circulation on campus after a student unrest in 2013 for security reasons.
The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Nalova Lyonga, had explained that the decision by the university administration banning taxi circulation was to avoid abduction of students, disruption of examination, transportation of non-students hired as machinery to promote disorder on campus.
Some members of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education, SYNES Buea chapter, recently organised a warning strike action calling on the university administration to allow taxis to resume circulation on campus. Though the strike action that was organised for 31 May, 2014, failed due to divided opinion by members of SYNES, the Vice Chancellor had released a circular promising staff and students of the university that actions were on the way to redress the situation.
In her circular, the Vice Chancellor indicated that the school authorities had plans to allow a shuttle bus service to go operational to ease the movement of staff and students.

Finally, the shuttle bus service went operational recently on campus. The pickup and drop off points in and off campus are Check Point-Molyko, Malingo Junction-Molyko, Faculty of Health Sciences-Bomaka, Mile 17 Roundabout- Buea, First Gate-UB Corridor, Central Administration-UB, Car Park- UB Library, Entrance to Classroom Block, Students Restaurant, and the Faculty of Health Sciences. The fares off campus are FCFA 100 and FCFA 50 for on campus.

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