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                         SCHOOLS IN BUEA SUB-DIVISION


                        Section A; Secondary education


                         Public-general education

      Bilingual Grammar School(BGS), Molyko, Buea

      Government High School(GHS), Bokwaongo, Buea

      Government High School(GHS), Bonjongo, Buea

      Government Bilingual High School(GBHS), Muea, Buea

      Government Secondary School(GSS), Buea Rural, Bokova, Buea

      Government Secondary School(GSS), Buea Town

      Government Secondary School(GSS), Bwiyuku, Buea

      Government Secondary School(GSS), Bolifamba, Mile 16, Buea

      Government Secondary School(GSS), Bomaka, Buea                                       Government Secondary School(GSS), Great Soppo, Buea

                    Public-Technical education

   Government Technical High School(GTHS), Molyko, Buea

   Government Technical College(GTC), Bova, Buea

   Government Technical College(GTC), Lysoka, Buea


    Baptist High School(BHS), Buea

    Saint Joseph’s College(SJC), Sasse, Buea.

    Bishop Rogan College, Small Soppo, Buea

    Our Lady of Mount Carmel College, Muea, Buea

    Presbyterian Comprehensive Secondary School(PCSS), Buea

   St Paul’s College, Bonjongo, Buea

   Baptist Comprehensive Girls School, Great Soppo, Buea

   Bishop Jules Peeters Memorial High School, Bokwaongo, Buea


   ‘INTER’ Comprehensive High School, Great Soppo, Buea

  Salvation Bilingual High School, Buea

  Standard Comprehensive Bilingual High School, Buea

  Cambridge College of Arts, Science and Technology, Buea

  Marthlo Comprehensive Bilingual College, Buea

  Summerset Secondary School, Buea

  Frankfils Comprehensive Secondary School, Buea

  Baird Memorial Secondary School, Buea

  St Theresia International Secondary School, Buea

  Buea Bilingual High School

                    Section B; Primary education

  1. EPB(Ecole Publique Bilingue) Muea, Buea
  2. EPF(Ecole Publique Francophone) Buea I
  3. EPF Buea II
  4. Government Bilingual Practising School(GBPS), Bonduma, Buea
  5. GBPS, Borstal, Buea
  6. GBPS, Buea Town
  7. GBPS, Ewongo/Wotutu, Buea
  8. GBPS, Muea, Buea
  9. Government School, Bonduma(Wonduma) I, Buea
  10. Government School, Bonduma(Wonduma) II, Buea
  11. Government School, Bokwaongo(Wokwaongo), Buea
  12. Government School, Bolifamba(Wolifamba), Buea
  13. Government School, Bomaka(Womaka), Buea
  14. Government School, Bonakanda(Wonakanda), Buea
  15. Government School, Bonjongo(Wonjongo), Buea
  16. Government School, Bova(Wova), Buea
  17. Government School, Buea Town I
  18. Government School, Buea Town II
  19. Government School, Buea Town III
  20. Government School, Bwassa(Gbwassa) /Likombe
  21. Government School, Bwiyuku(Gbwiyuku), Buea
  22. Government School, Great Soppo, Buea
  23. Government School, Likoko-Membea I, Buea
  24. Government School, Likoko-Membea II, Buea
  25. Government School, Lysoka, Buea
  26. Government School, Ma’amu, Buea
  27. Government School, Molyko Town, Buea
  28. Government School, Ndongo Wokokoh, Buea
  29. RIB, Bulu, Buea
  30. Government School, Mapanja(Mafvanja), Buea
  31. GPS Molyko Group I, Buea
  32. GPS Molyko Group II, Buea
  33. GPS Muea Group I, Buea
  34. GPS Muea Group II, Buea
  35. Government School, Small Soppo, Buea
  36. Catholic School, Small Soppo, Buea
  37. Catholic School, Buea Station
  38. Catholic School, Buea Town
  39. Presbyterian School, Buea Town
  40. Cameroon Baptist Convention(CBC) Great Soppo, Buea
  41. Cameroon Baptist Convention, Tole, Buea

            Section C; Nursery education

  1. Ecole Maternelle Francophone, Buea
  2. Government Bilingual Nursery School, Muea, Buea
  3. Government Nursery School, Bolifamba(Wolifamba), Buea
  4. Government Nursery School, Bomaka(Womaka), Buea
  5. Government Nursery School, Bova(Wova), Buea
  6. Government Nursery School, Buea Town
  7. Government Nursery School, Great Soppo, Buea
  8. Government Nursery School, Likoko-Membea, Buea
  9. Government Nursery School, Lysoka, Buea
  10. Government Nursery School, Molyko, Buea
  11. Government Nursery School, Small Soppo, Buea
  12. Government Nursery School, Tole, Buea
  13. Government Nursery School, Bokwai(Wokwai), Buea
  14. Government Nursery School, Wotutu, Buea
  15. Government Nursery School, Dibanda, Buea
  16. Government Practice Nursery School, Buea
  17. Afro-American Nursery/Primary School, Buea
  18. Bambino, Buea
  19. C.E.C Buea
  20. C.R.C Sand Pit, Buea
  21. Kingston Memorial, Buea
  22. Lady Bird, Buea
  23. Manga Memorial, Buea
  24. PIPS, Buea
  25. PMS, Buea
  26. Princess Diana, Buea
  27. S.T.I.B, Buea
  28. Zindatal, Buea
  29. Cameroon Baptist Convention(CBC), Bolifamba, Buea
  30. Comfort Nursery and Primary School, Buea



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