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By Moki S. Mokondo for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

The 50th Anniversary of the re-unification of Cameroon that is expected to be hosted by Buea, this year, is helping to give the old town a facelift. Buea has become a large construction site as structures to host the event and road maintenance are all taking place at the same time.
Abandoned state-owned hotels like the Buea Mountain Hotel and the Parliamentarian Flats Hotel are having a special touch with new structures to give them a modern look. Some streets are also being repaired while some roads are being tarred. Some major streets have been opened to ease traffic into and within the town.



The earth road from Buea Town, through Wokwai to Muea, is under construction and has been programmed among those to be tarred. Another good news is that the road from Mile 16 (Lower Bolifamba or better still, Wolifamba Wo Mbenge) passing through the Bulu Rehabilitation Institute for the Blind, Bulu Village to Tole have been graded and compacted.
Another axis of the road from Mile 18, through Malingo Street in Molyko to Bulu Village is being repaired and the drainage well-constructed to avoid rain water from damaging the road. Some of the old bridges along this road have been reconstructed.
The street lights along the main boulevard from Mile 17 to the Buea Central Police Station are also under repair. Street light have also been planted from Vasingi village in Buea Town to Wokwaongo(Bokwaongo) and then down through Long Street to Small Soppo among others.



The bad news is that the indigenes in some of the villages where the roads have passed through are already in a hurry to sell their lands at give-away prices. Sign boards have already been erected on some portions indicating the intention of the owners to sell. Most worrying is that they are even selling strategic locations.

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