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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
29th December 2013

The Regional Headquarters of the South West Region, Buea, is witnessing some infrastructural development ahead of the country’s 50th re-unification anniversary celebrations. Apart from the already completed new grandstand at the Independence Square in Buea, work is going on at a Cultural Centre that will host cultural shows.

Though the public has been complaining about the pace at which work on the projects for the celebration of this event is being carried, the road network has received major renovations. A new road from the Buea central roundabout between the Divisional Officer’s office and the Central Police Station to the Governor’s office around which the re-unification monument is being constructed is also giving Buea a new look.

The main road that runs from the Mile 17 motor park to the Central Police station in Buea now got traffic lines painted in white colour. These lines have replaced the elevated central ridge constructed of concrete that was removed some months ago. The removal of this traffic ridge, which separated north and south bound traffic and made the road safer, raised a lot of dust as some reckless drivers constantly knocked down pedestrians who usually made a stop on this levelled central reservation before crossing the road to the other side. 
Zebra crossings have also been placed at certain locations along the road to ease traffic between pedestrians and vehicles. Though many pedestrians are still getting used to this development, the public is praying for other road projects to come to completion before the anniversary is celebrated.



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