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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for FAKO UK / Fako News Centre

         21 May 2011




The Independence Square (Bongo Square) in ‘Clerks Quarters’ in the German Colonial capital of Cameroon, Buea, was jammed to capacity on Friday 20 May, 2011 when Cameroonians in Buea Subdivision turned out to celebrate their 39thth National Day. This year’s celebration theme was, ‘Cameroon Armed Forces, the Crucible of National Unity, the Bedrock of Stable Institutions and Democracy, Guarantor of Socio-economic Development’. After the award of medals to meritorious public officials for their services to the Nation, men of the armed forces took the stage to display a military parade.




Beside the march-pass by schools, social groups and political parties, there were many side activities that captured the attention of the public. As pupils and students got interested in buying candies, etc as take home memory, adults took control of the bars and roadside restaurants to catch a bite of roasted meat (soya) and fish. These transformed the Independent Square into a beehive of activities.

By 5:30 am on 20 May, 2011, businessmen and women had stormed the celebration ground to gain strategic positions to install sales stands. Many business persons use such occasions to make some quick money by auctioning items that had stayed long in their shops.  




When the population was carried by the ambiance that accompanied the event, a sudden downpour stormed in to disperse the population. Many people got wet before they could even locate a shelter to hide from the rain. However, the event was about to round off when rain set in.







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