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By Moki Stephen Mokondo for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

The demolition of houses along major streets in the Buea municipality is giving the town a facelift and at the same time putting some families under distress looking for new accommodation for relocation within a short period.
Most of the buildings targeted since that start of the demolition process that commenced in the month of
September 2016 are especially houses constructed with wooden material and even some built of cement. Other reasons given for the demolition of some buildings is that they are too close to the road making it risky for the occupants.
Before the council’s demolition team goes out for demolition, those corncerned are served with notices requesting them to demolish part or their entire buildings, change the roof of their buildings and to paint their buildings. Some are asked to consult the council authorities to regularise their situations, especially those who have put up permanent structures without building permits. 

In a recent demolition targeting houses in Babouti quarters in upper Buea town, one of the neighbourhoods in Buea Town that is congested with very old wooden houses, inhabitants were served notices to demolish, change the roof or to paint their buildings within 48 hours.
The distressed inhabitants mobilised and matched to see the governor of the South West Region pleading that the 48 hours time frame was too short for them to relocate while looking for means to demolish and build new houses.
It is hear that it was disclosed that the inhabitants had been informed more than two years ago to demolish and construct modern buildings in conformity with town planning regulations. However, they were given a month of grace to do so.

Despite the ill feelings regarding the demolition of the houses given the economic hardship faced by some of those affected, some members of the public have welcomed the demolition process.
The kind of storey buildings that have emerged immediately the demolition took place in Molyko, Bonduma, Great Soppo and other neighbourhoods in the municipality has left many wondering why these landlords had to wait for their houses to be demolished before putting up better structures.